Three (3) apps that can transform your online business

February 21, 2019

Three (3) apps that can transform your online business

The global ecommerce market is expanding and is projected to grow at a fast pace in the coming years. Even though data keeps changing, it’s estimated that there are 12 — 24 million eCommerce stores globally.

While this is good news, it is worth mentioning that only a small subset, 650,000 stores, are selling more than $1,000 US annually due to the increasingly competitive nature of the market.

It is therefore of vital importance for ecommerce merchants to constantly adapt to tried and tested market trends to help them increase sales and stay ahead of competitors.

I will be sharing with you useful apps that will go a long way to transform your online business.

Kudobuzz Social Reviews app

The best way ecommerce merchants can convince new visitors to their site to trust their brand enough to  buy from their store is to show them positive reviews from past customers. Nearly 95 percent of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. And that is why the Social Reviews App which is helping over 30,000 businesses boost trust and ultimately increase sales is a good pick.

Many ecommerce merchants have reviews sitting on their social channels such as; Facebook, Google, Yelp, Amazon and Etsy that is serving no benefit to their businesses. With the Social Reviews app, you can do more with your idle social reviews

The app makes it easy to collect all your social reviews in one dashboard and from there, choose the ones you want to be show off on your site through beautiful widgets.

The app has four widget styles to help display reviews. There’s a widget to show reviews on any page a potential customer visits on a your store. There’s another one that is only shown on specific pages (product pages) of  a site. The app also has one that displays reviews in a carousel to be shown on any part of a site you see fit. There’s a widget for when you want a specific menu item dedicated for reviews. There is also a trust badge widget where the app combines reviews with its own brand to help boost the credibility of your store.

The Social Reviews app apart from helping show reviews on your site, can help your site perform better in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A good SEO plays a vital role in the success of an online business. Kudobuzz Social Reviews  has an SEO minisite feature which helps to better SEO performance. With this feature, a store gets a dedicated subdomain (with the ability to customize the subdomain using CNAME) that displays all published reviews in a way that is easily indexable by search engines. When reviews get indexed by Google, it’ll add a lot of SEO benefits to your site.

Kudobuzz RetailTower (RT) app

Another useful tool for merchants is the RetailTower app. The app allows merchants to list their products on shopping engines like Google, Shopzilla, Opensky and many others.

Without this app, listing products on multiple channels becomes a tedious, repetitive process. A merchant will have to submit product feeds to Google, then repeat the process in order to submit to Shopzilla and other channels of interest.

You don’t have to go through this hassle with the RetailTower app.

The RetailTower app allows you to have full control of your inventory. The Product Rules feature allows merchants to add customizations to their products to help meet the requirements of some shopping channels that might need extra information aside the usual requirements.

For instance, if a shopping channel requires products to have a price and you have products without prices, you can use the Product Rule feature to exempt all products with no prices. These rules do not have any effect on the real data of the products.  

For merchants whose shopping channels RT does not support, there’s a Custom Feed Creation feature that gives you the option of controlling the feed details. So, instead of the app automatically knowing which details to use to create feeds for channels it supports, it allows you to tell it which details to use, saving you time in the feed creation process.

SEO doctor app

The third but definitely not the least significant app is SEO Doctor. SEO Doctor helps online merchants identify and fix the SEO issues affecting their sites.

The app has features that make sure key SEO factors that could cause your online shop to perform poorly on search engines is brought to your attention and a resolution found.

The app has an image optimisation feature which allows merchants to compress images on their store while maintaining quality for faster loading speed. When images are large, it slows down speeds and distorts good browsing experience. A faster loading speed for your site will therefore result in visitors staying longer on your site which could lead to increase in conversion.

You can also add text to your ALT tags to optimize images on your site. Search engines requires text to understand every image. Therefore adding ALT text to images allows search engines easily understand the images which improves your Google image search ranking.

Optimizing your site’s page title and page descriptions will go a long way to help your site rank well in search engines. The SEO Doctor app, uses smart intelligence to propose words and sentences to use for your page title and descriptions.

One area the app does well is helping you submit an updated sitemap. Search engines use sitemaps to quickly know the links on your site to index or re-index and submitting one for your site is a great way to boost your site’s SEO.


In a competition with millions of stores out there, an online merchant should employ all effective strategies to stand out, using apps should be one of them. Give the apps mentioned in this article a try and see your business reap the rewards.