Email Marketing

What is a bulk email campaign?

This is when you send a mass marketing campaign to a large group, or all of your email subscribers at once. For example, if you’re offering a store-wide sale, it would be ideal to communicate this offer to all subscribers. With Firepush, you can also drill down your subscriber list to create segments, so you can send more targeted email promotions to specific subscribers. All campaigns  can be personalized to include each subscriber’s name.

What is an abandoned cart email?

This email message type helps you to reduce the number of abandoned carts your store receives. You can trigger this email to automatically be sent after someone adds an item to their cart, but then navigates away from your online store, without completing their purchase. You can add an eye-catching subject line and include several images (as well as unlimited text) within your email message to persuade the subscriber to pick up where they left off.

What is a reward new customer email?

Start building customer loyalty from the moment a customer makes their first purchase at your store. This email message type allows you to thank your customers and offer them a discount or incentive they’re bound to love so that they feel appreciated and are likely to buy from you again.


What is a countdown email?

A countdown offer email is when you run a particular offer or sale, but with a time or stock limit on it. For example, you can promote a 24-hour flash sale to your email subscribers and include a countdown timer within the email showing the time ticking away. This type of marketing campaign appeals to hyperactive buyers; those who are ready to buy now.

What is a win-back customer email?

This email campaign type helps you to win-back old customers who haven’t made a purchase with your store in a while. Retaining the customers you already have is just as important as attracting new ones - because you won’t have any major acquisition costs to contend with. 

What are Firepush email templates?

Firepush email templates are designed to help you get your campaigns up and running quickly. You’ll find various email templates to choose from in your dashboard area. You can tweak these templates to put your own stamp on them or design your own template from scratch complete with your store branding.

What is cold email marketing?

A cold email is when you send an email to a subscriber who hasn’t willingly opted in to receive emails from you. It’s often seen as intrusive, much like cold-calling.

How do you warm up an email list?

Warming up your email list is entirely different to IP warming. This is the process of interacting with your subscribers, letting them get to know you, offering something of value and reminding them why they should remain a subscriber. 

Why does it matter if I have a high complaint or email spam rate?

Any of your subscribers have the ability to report your email as spam, or make a complaint if they think you’re emailing them outside of the law. If you want your email marketing messages to reach your subscribers, you’ll want to avoid complaints as much as possible and keep your spam rate low. An acceptable spam rate is 0.1%.

Why are purchased email lists are bad to use?

Purchased email lists are a no-go for several reasons. Firstly, the contacts contained within a bought list are unlikely to have opted in, which violates several data privacy laws. Secondly, a reputable email provider won’t allow you to use purchased lists for that very reason. 

Finally, purchased lists usually contain poor contacts, with seldom-used or very old email addresses that are likely to bounce anyway. The best approach to email marketing is to grow your list organically; you’ll end up with a much more valuable subscriber list this way.

Can I email people who haven’t given me their permission?

In most countries, emailing people without their express or implied permission is illegal. This is also against Firepush policies. To ensure you carry out email marketing which complies with the law, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the CAN-SPAM Act, the CASL, the GDPR, and the PECR.

How can I upload my existing email subscribers to Firepush?

If you want to import existing email subscribers from another app to Firepush, the process is simple. Just use our email subscriber list upload form and attach your list of subscribers in .CSV file format.

Before you upload your email subscribers, however, you must ensure you’ve collected them in a GDPR-compliant way. This means your subscribers must have positively opted in and given their express consent to be contacted by email for marketing purposes. 

Read about GDPR compliance here.

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