Facebook Messenger

What is a welcome Facebook Messenger message?

With a welcome message, you can greet new subscribers when they first opt-in to receive Messenger notifications from you. This type of message helps you get your relationship with your subscriber off to a great start. You might want to include a special discount or another incentive, to make your new subscriber feel valued and encourage them to make a purchase. Welcome messages are sent automatically whenever a new subscriber signs up - so once you’ve set your message up, you can sit back and forget about it.

What is a delivery update Facebook Messenger message?

A delivery update message allows you to keep your customers fully informed at each stage of their order through Messenger. You can trigger this type of message to be sent automatically a) when you’ve received the customer’s order and payment, b) when you’ve dispatched the order and c) to notify the customer when their order has been delivered. The delivery update message helps improve customer communications and can reduce post-purchase anxiety. 

What is a new product Facebook Messenger message?

This type of Messenger message notifies your subscribers about any new products (or product ranges) you’re launching into your store. You can use this message type to drum up interest before your product launch date and during the launch itself to increase the chances of you getting early sales.

What is an abandoned cart Facebook Messenger message?

Start recovering lost sales from abandoned carts by setting up this automated message. When someone navigates away from your online store after adding items to their cart, you can trigger the abandoned cart message to remind the potential buyer, through Messenger, that they haven’t yet completed their purchase. The message contains a link to direct them back to your store. This type of message allows you to carry out customer retargeting - one of the best marketing strategies around today.


What is a promotional Facebook Messenger message?

A promotional message might include a discount, special offer, freebie, shipping promo, or another type of incentive. You can use this automated message type to drive subscribers to your store whenever you want to shift stock quickly or build customer retention. Your message will flash up via Messenger, which means it can be accessed on either a mobile or desktop device when the subscriber is connected to the internet.

What is a countdown Facebook Messenger message?

This message type includes a countdown timer within your Messenger message. Use this when you want to create a sense of scarcity or urgency around a chosen product. For example, you might send this message out when you’re running a 24-hour flash sale, or if you only have a limited amount of stock and need to sell it quickly. Countdown offers are especially tempting to the hyperactive buyer; those that tend to buy on impulse and enjoy the emotional rush of making a purchase.

What is a seasonal update Facebook Messenger message?

This message type helps you to drive sales for calendar-based products, like umbrellas/wellingtons during spring and autumn, or school stationery ready for children going back to school after the summer break. Check out our 4th July and back-to-school message templates for marketing inspiration. The seasonal update message is also ideal for boosting sales during major holidays such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What is a review request Facebook Messenger message?

The more social proof you can gather for your online store, the more success you’ll have in landing future buyers. Reviews are a good example of social proof. Automatically encourage customers to leave a review by activating this message type. These messages will be sent at an appropriate time once buyers have had a chance to receive and enjoy their purchase.

What is a price drop Facebook Messenger message?

Subscribers can sign up to receive alerts via Messenger if the price happens to drop on a product they’re interested in. This message type is especially useful because it attracts “hot leads” - people who are already very keen to buy a particular product. These people are in a prime place in the customer journey - they’re just waiting in the hope of a price reduction.

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