SMS Marketing

How much will it cost to send SMS messages?

The cost of sending a text message depends on the country to which you're sending.

Pricing list:

Firepush SMS pricing list

Please note that you will be charged straight away after you add credits to your Firepush balance. 

Are sender IDs available in every country?

We have compiled a list of countries where alphanumeric text sender IDs are  supported:

Australia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania (without Orange), Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Kingdom   

Can I register multiple sender IDs on my account?

Of course. You can apply for an unlimited number of sender IDs.

How do I get a refund?

We hope you are satisfied with Firepush, but if for any reason you want a refund, you will need  to approach the Shopify support team.

Send Shopify support as much information as possible, including the app concerned and how much you want to be refunded.

They will open a support ticket and email us to request approval.

If all the information is correct, we will approve the request.

Shopify support then send the request to the Shopify finance department, who issue the refund.

All billing  goes through Shopify, which means we don’t have direct access to the Shopify refund system.

SMS Refund

We only provide refunds on amounts higher than 20 USD.

We get charged when we connect the customer to the SMS service, so we only refund bought credits like this: Bought credits = 20 USD. 

In this case both amounts cancel each other out (20-20=0), so there is no refund. 

You can always retrieve and use credits currently in your account

What is a welcome SMS?

This is an automated text message that you can send to new subscribers when they sign-up to receive SMS notifications from you. A welcome greeting helps you to get your relationship with the subscriber off to a flying start. We recommend you include some type of incentive within this message to make your new subscriber feel valued.

What is a promotional offer SMS?

A promotional offer can be anything from a discount, product-specific or store-wide sale, special offer, free shipping, free gift or any other incentive. Notify your subscribers of any promotions you’re running automatically by text message. They’ll receive the details of your promo directly to their phone instantly, no matter where they are, or what they’re doing at the time.

What is an abandoned cart SMS?

This type of text message helps you to recover lost sales from abandoned carts. Though some shoppers are just browsing, and that’s why they never make it to the checkout, others get distracted halfway through their purchase. You can help to reduce your number of abandoned carts by automatically prompting would-be shoppers to return to your store and complete their purchase. You might want to include an incentive within this message, such as 10% off or free shipping to help seal the deal.

What is a countdown SMS?

Adding a countdown timer to a promotion you’re running helps to create a fear of missing out (FOMO) among some subscribers. Use the countdown SMS message for when you want to run a flash sale that’s only on for a limited time, or for when you have a limited amount of stock available that you need to shift quickly.

What is a review request SMS?

A great way to increase your store’s social proof is to request a review from each and every customer. This would be a time-consuming task if you had to do this manually. However, the Firepush review request SMS allows you to automatically prompt buyers by text message to leave a review, at a time when the buyer has received and had a chance to enjoy their purchase.

What is a new product SMS?

Send this text message out when you want to drum up interest in a new product you’re launching into store. This message type helps you to generate early interest in new products and can lead to a burst of sales on the day (and those days following) when the product is actually launched.

What is a seasonal update SMS?

The seasonal update SMS helps you to boost sales for weather-driven or calendar-driven stock at certain times of the year. You can use this message type to send out marketing campaigns by text message at Easter, on 4th July, at Halloween, BCFM, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You might like to see our 4th of July themed Firepush templates or back to school marketing campaigns for content ideas.

What is a delivery update SMS?

Keep your customers informed about the progress of their order by text message, from the moment they complete their order online to the point when you’re sure it’s safely reached them. The delivery update SMS allows you to automatically provide order and payment confirmations, despatch notes and delivery confirmations.

What is a win-back customer SMS?

The win-back customer SMS is all about customer retention. It helps you to tempt back shoppers who haven’t purchased from your store in a while. For example, you can automatically send old customers a text message saying that you miss them and value their custom. You can include a link to new product ranges they might not know about or offer them a discount when they next place an order.

How can I upload my SMS subscribers to Firepush?

It’s easy to import your existing SMS subscribers from another app. Simply use our SMS subscriber list upload form and attach your list of subscribers in .CSV file format.

Before you upload your subscribers, you must ensure you’ve collected them in a TCPA-compliant way. This means your subscribers must have willingly opted in and given their express consent to be contacted by text message for marketing purposes. 

Read about how TCPA affect your Shopify business

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