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    Add email and SMS to the mix and launch promotional campaigns

    up to 250 contacts
    • 15000 emails / mo
    • 20000 web push / mo
    • Up to SMS ($ credits)

    Benefit from enterprise-grade customization

    Custom pricing
    • Unlimited emails / mo
    • Unlimited web push / mo
    • Better SMS pricing
SMS Pricing
SMS prices vary by recipient country:
SMS in
Estimated price

Compare plans and features

Push SMS Email
Basic promotional campaigns
Advanced promo campaigns:
Promote your flash sale and set an expiry time for your campaign.
Flash sale
Schedule campaigns to be delivered according to specific dates and times.
Campaigns scheduling
Personalize a short URL with your store name.
Branded short URL
Reward new push notification subscribers with a special time-limited discount code.
Countdown + discount code
Send personalized and targeted campaigns based on subscriber criteria and behavior.
Send the same campaign again and again, for example, daily, weekly, or monthly.
Campaign boost
Set up your sender ID to reflect your brand name or a dedicated phone number. (Not available for every country.)
SMS Sender ID
Add a hero image to a web push notification to grab attention.
Hero image
Push SMS Email
Improve sales via abandoned cart campaigns and encourage would-be buyers to finish their purchase.
Abandoned cart campaigns
Give your customers the chance to be the first in the queue for every discount.
Price Drop
Let your customer know when the item they are after comes back in stock.
Deliver better service by sending an automated receipt of a customer’s order post-purchase.
Order notification
Update your customer every step of the way on every delivery.
Order dispatched
Send confirmation messages once the refund is issued.
Payment refund
Tracking number assigned: Send tracking numbers to customers as part of your delivery update messages.
Tracking number assigned
Ask your customers for a product review a few weeks after the order was fulfilled.
Ask for review campaigns
Welcome new subscribers, to keep your store on their radar and increase the chances of early sales.
Welcome campaigns
Win back customers who haven't bought anything in the past few months with automatic messages.
Win back customers
Push SMS Email
Capture subscribers with an eye-catching popup signup form.
Subscription pop-up
Provide a discreet, non-intrusive signup option to capture subscribers.
Flyout widget
Obtain marketing consent during checkout to comply with data protection legislation.
Checkout page
Add a signup box to your webpages to encourage subscriber growth.
Sign-up boxes
Embed a subscriber signup button into your website.
Embed button
Choose to replace Firepush branding on signup forms with your store’s branding.
Custom branding
Push SMS Email
Analyze campaign performance with basic stats, including impressions, clicks and total revenue.
Basic reports
Analyze campaign performance in detail with stats on CTR, ROI, conversions, orders and revenue generated by channel.
Advanced reports
Push SMS Email
Get speedy responses to your questions with round-the-clock customer support.
24/5 Email and Chat Support
Shopify Plus clients benefit from priority support through the Firepush Customer Success Team.
Priority support
Shopify Plus clients benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you make the most of Firepush.
Dedicated Strategy Manager
Get fast help with app integrations by using our expert Integration Engineer.
Integration Engineer
Custom Firepush plans are available if your store needs a bespoke marketing and communications strategy.
Custom solutions
New customers will automatically be added as new subscribers in Firepush.
Automatic sync with Shopify
Easily import existing subscribers from other platforms and export them whenever you need to.
Subscriber migration
Push SMS Email
Firepush integrates with Loox Photo Reviews to help clients build better social proof.
Firepush integrates with Growave, a loyalty and rewards app, to help clients with customer retention.
Verify new subscriber email addresses with Firepush’s built-in email validation tool.
Email validation
Import existing customers into Firepush directly from Shopify.
Customer import from Shopify
Import customers from other marketing apps such as Omnisend, PushOwl or other.
Customer import from 3rd party apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Both our Basic and Pro plans have a ‘kickstart’ offering where you can send up to 500 messages to 250 contacts for free. If you upload more than 250 contacts, the Firepush system will automatically upgrade you to a higher tier or paid plan.

We only count your subscribers once and don't charge you for duplicate contacts, no matter how many segments they’re added to.

No. If you have one contact and that person has subscribed to receive both emails and texts, our system counts this as one active subscriber. It doesn’t matter what channel they subscribe to. So in this example, you would only be billed for 1,000 subscribers.

Firepush will detect if you import more contacts and will automatically upgrade your pricing plan to the next billing tier.

If you’re planning to use SMS more heavily, or need dedicated support, the Pro plan is probably best for you. The top reasons why customers choose the Pro plan over the Basic plan include:

  • Being able to send unlimited emails and web pushes each month.
  • Getting free SMS credits, which equates to extra value.
  • Adding push notifications to their channel mix.
  • Getting priority support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager (for all Pro plan users with plans costing in excess of $400 per month).

If you run out of email credits before the end of your billing period, you can refill your limits.

The price for limit refill is calculated as follows:Monthly price / the number of the current billing cycle week = refill price.

We hope you’ll love using Firepush, but yes, if you change your mind, we can issue a refund for any funds left in your account balance.

However, if you actively use Firepush to send messages and have subscribed to a plan, we’re unable to refund the monthly fees paid for app usage.

We don't have a free trial anymore. Firepush has two plans, Basic and Pro, that each have a ‘kickstart’ offering where you can send up to 500 messages to 250 contacts. If you send more messages to additional contacts, we automatically upgrade your billing tier.

To send SMS messages you’ll need to buy ‘credits’. The way it works is similar to a prepaid account that you can top up or auto-refill if you run out of credits.Simply choose any plan and Firepush will automatically charge your account based on your usage.

Please note: any bonus credits you have left over from your plan every month won't roll over to the next month. Your credit balance will be reset, so it makes sense to use all your bonus credits in any given month.

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