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Our flexible, usage-based pricing offers omnichannel options to suit any store size.

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    • 100 web pushes / mo
    • Emails - not available
    • SMS - not available
    • Welcome campaigns
    • Basic reports
    • Basic growth tools

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    Emails / mo
    Web pushes / mo
    SMS pay as you go
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    • All abandoned cart messages
    • Promotional campaigns
    • Subscriber migration
    • 24/5 Customer support
    • Unlimited contacts

    Benefit from enterprise-grade customization

    Custom pricing
    • XX emails / mo
    • XX web pushes / mo
    • SMS pay as you go
    Everything in PRO, plus:
    • Dedicated short URL
    • Priority support
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Integration Engineer
    • Custom solutions
SMS Pricing
SMS prices vary by recipient country:
SMS in
Estimated price

Compare plans and features

Push SMS Email
Basic promotional campaigns
Advanced promo campaigns:
Promote your flash sale and set an expiry time for your campaign.
Flash sale
Schedule campaigns to be delivered according to specific dates and times.
Campaigns scheduling
Personalize a short URL with your store name.
Branded short URL
Reward new push notification subscribers with a special time-limited discount code.
Countdown + discount code
Send personalized and targeted campaigns based on subscriber criteria and behavior.
Send the same campaign again and again, for example, daily, weekly, or monthly.
Campaign boost
Set up your sender ID to reflect your brand name or a dedicated phone number. (Not available for every country.)
SMS Sender ID
Add a hero image to a web push notification to grab attention.
Hero image
Push SMS Email
Improve sales via abandoned cart campaigns and encourage would-be buyers to finish their purchase.
Abandoned cart campaigns
Give your customers the chance to be the first in the queue for every discount.
Price Drop
Let your customer know when the item they are after comes back in stock.
Deliver better service by sending an automated receipt of a customer’s order post-purchase.
Receipt notification
Update your customer every step of the way on every delivery.
Order dispatched
Send SMS confirmation once the refund is issued.
Payment refund
Tracking number assigned: Send tracking numbers to customers as part of your delivery update messages.
Tracking number assigned
Ask your customers for a product review a few weeks after the order was fulfilled.
Ask for review campaigns
Welcome new subscribers, to keep your store on their radar and increase the chances of early sales.
Welcome campaigns
Win back customers who haven't bought anything in the past few months with automatic messages.
Win back customers
Reward new customers with a discount code to boost your sales
Reward new customers
Push SMS Email
Capture subscribers with an eye-catching popup signup form.
Subscription pop-up
Provide a discreet, non-intrusive signup option to capture subscribers.
Flyout widget
Obtain marketing consent during checkout to comply with data protection legislation.
Checkout page
Add a signup box to your webpages to encourage subscriber growth.
Sign-up boxes
Embed a subscriber signup button into your website.
Embed button
Choose to replace Firepush branding on signup forms with your store’s branding.
Custom branding
Push SMS Email
Analyze campaign performance with basic stats, including impressions, clicks and total revenue.
Basic reports
Analyze campaign performance in detail with stats on CTR, ROI, conversions, orders and revenue generated by channel.
Advanced reports
Push SMS Email
Get speedy responses to your questions with round-the-clock customer support.
24/5 Email and Chat Support
Shopify Plus clients benefit from priority support through the Firepush Customer Success Team.
Priority support
Shopify Plus clients benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you make the most of Firepush.
Dedicated Strategy Manager
Get fast help with app integrations by using our expert Integration Engineer.
Integration Engineer
Custom Firepush plans are available if your store needs a bespoke marketing and communications strategy.
Custom solutions
New customers will automatically be added as new subscribers in Firepush.
Automatic sync with Shopify
Easily import existing subscribers from other platforms and export them whenever you need to.
Subscriber migration
Push SMS Email
Firepush integrates with Loox Photo Reviews to help clients build better social proof.
Firepush integrates with Growave, a loyalty and rewards app, to help clients with customer retention.
Verify new subscriber email addresses with Firepush’s built-in email validation tool.
Email validation
Import existing customers into Firepush directly from Shopify.
Customer import from Shopify
Import customers from other marketing apps such as Omnisend, PushOwl or other.
Customer import from 3rd party apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Your free trial is automatically set on our PRO plan. This means you can use all the PRO plan features and have access to all Firepush channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications. You’ll also get to try out all advanced promotional campaigns, automations, advanced reports, segmentation and much more. The PRO plan free trial has these limits: 1,000 free web pushes, 300 free emails and $1 added to your balance to try out SMS campaigns.

The free trial is for 14 days from the date and time you sign up. At the end of the trial period, your plan will automatically be converted into a FREE plan. This means all Pro features are locked and any campaigns you are running will be stopped. You will be able to continue adding subscribers and sending them welcome messages. If you choose to upgrade to a PRO plan before your trial ends, you will continue to have access to all PRO features and campaigns.

If you use the Firepush Free plan, you won’t be charged at all. If you opt for one of our Paid plans, the system will ask you to accept recurring monthly payments (the exact amount depends on the plan you choose).

Once you reach your limit for free push notifications and emails, the system will stop the campaign. They will be resumed once you update the limits. The system will add $20 to your account balance when you reach your monthly limit for SMS campaigns, or if you activate any SMS automation campaigns. The system recharges you again when your balance reaches zero. This is so that you can continue your marketing campaigns uninterrupted.

Yes. We offer a FREE’ plan which allows you to collect unlimited subscribers for push notifications. It also allows you to send ‘Welcome’ web push campaigns and use basic subscriber growth tools. The FREE plan is free of any costs.

With the Firepush Basic Plan you can send promotional campaigns and all abandoned cart recovery messages. For all other automations you’ll need the PRO or Enterprise Plan. SMS campaigns work on a pay-as-you-go basis, so the exact amount you’ll be charged depends on the number of SMS messages you send and the recipient’s country. You can find the list of supported countries and price per SMS in Firepush by scrolling up this page.

As soon as you start sending SMS campaigns, the system will allocate $20 to your account balance. It will also automatically recharge you when your balance reaches $0.

You can increase your monthly SMS limit in the Payment information section of your Dashboard. When it comes to promotional campaigns, which you can send with the Basic (only simple promo campaigns), PRO and Enterprise plans, you will be charged the amount corresponding to the number of SMS messages sent.

For SMS automations, you can choose the Basic plan if you only need abandoned cart messages, or the PRO or Enterprise plan for access to all SMS automations. The system will automatically add $20 to your account balance as soon as you start sending SMS campaigns. It will also automatically recharge your account when your balance reaches $0.

No worries — if you exceed your email or push notification sending limit, you’ll need to upgrade the limits in your paid plan (Basic, PRO or Enterprise). You won’t be able to continue sending campaigns until you’ve upgraded your limits. You can check and update your limits in your Payment information section.

All Paid plan users receive subscriber (push notifications, SMS, and email) migration services free of charge. Simply ask our support team for a help and they will organise everything for you.

All payments in Firepush are processed in U.S. dollars ($). Prices do not include VAT. As all payments go through Shopify, you will see Shopify’s details on your invoices.

We use ‘Shopify Payments’ to process payments. All payments for Firepush services will be visible in the monthly invoices that Shopify issues to you.

If you're a Shopify Plus client, you'll automatically be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. Clients on a Paid plan with a sizeable subscriber segment also qualify for priority support services.

You can always get in-depth answers via our FAQs section. Alternatively, get in touch with our customer support team via live chat. Our support specialists offer 24-hour support Monday to Friday.

Yes. If you need to send more push notifications or send more email campaigns than your monthly quota allows, or you’re planning to send large volume SMS campaigns, get in touch via live chat with an estimate of how many messages you are looking at sending every month.

Purchased yet unused SMS credits do not have an expiration date and will roll over to the next month until fully used.

To request a refund simply get in touch with our customer support team and make a request using the 24-hour via live chat Monday to Friday. Shopify will take over your refund request, and it usually takes them 1-3 working days for us to issue a refund. Please note that we are only able to issue a refund for your current balance.

Your SMS monthly limit relates to a sum of money that you’re happy to spend for your SMS marketing campaigns per month. It is a capped amount that prevents the Firepush billing system from exceeding your maximum spend threshold over the duration of the billing period. This prevents you from being charged for any usage over and above the capped amount.

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