20 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2021

20 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2021

Whether you’re a large Shopify business owner or just started, you must know that you need Shopify apps to help you grow the revenue. They automate tasks, help your store get noticed, and may increase an overall customer experience.

Shopify app store offers thousands of apps, so choosing the best ones is overwhelming. But we decided to make it easier by listing 20 Best Shopify Apps that will help you increase your Shopify store sales. We reviewed apps for different purposes and included free, paid, and freemium options so that everyone could find something for themselves.

Let’s dive in!

Top must-have Shopify Apps

We researched many Shopify apps, and to pick the best ones, we checked their app score, user reviews, features, and overall user experience. Here’s our shortlist of the must-have Shopify apps:

  1. Firepush – the best email marketing app for Shopify
  2. OptinMonster – the best Shopify app for conversions
  3. Plug in SEO – the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) app for Shopify
  4. TinyIMG – the best image resizer app that helps optimize images for search engines.
  5. Loox – the best app for photo reviews
  6. UpPromote – the best Shopify app for referrals

We’ll review each of these apps in more detail and introduce you to their features and pricing. You will also find alternatives so you can choose the best Shopify app for your use case and your store.

How to choose the best Shopify App

It’s easy to get lost between thousands of Shopify apps. Here are a few tips of how to pick the best app for your store:

Know what problem you want to solve

Unfortunately, you won’t get one app that solves all the problems, so it’s important to know what exactly you want to get from the app. For example, if you’re looking to increase a page loading time, then you need an app that resizes your images. But if you’re looking to boost an overall shopping experience, you will barely find one app to help you.


The good news is that you’re in the right place. We have done a lot of research to put up a list of the best Shopify Apps. Additional steps that you can take are reading reviews of the apps that you like the most. Try to find out if they were able to solve the problems that you’re facing.

Try out different apps

Most Shopify apps offer free trials, which means that you can try out the apps before committing to buy them. Take advantage of this opportunity, and try out different apps so you can compare them and find out which one is the best for your store.

Best Shopify Apps – our detailed list

Ecommerce business owners need top apps for Shopify to win leads and customers, increase customer satisfaction, and create a steady income flow. We have a collection of the best Shopify apps to run a store and increase sales.

These apps have the highest ratings in their categories (also, many are free or have free plans).

Let’s dive into the best Shopify apps!

Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

Email is in the top three most effective marketing channels for 94% of businesses. Here are the best Shopify email marketing apps to collect subscribers and send campaigns.

1. Firepush Email Marketing

Firepush Email Marketing Shopify app

Firepush is easy to set up and create email campaigns. No designer skills are needed thanks to a simple email design tool. Also, there’s a collection of email templates to share coupons, sales, product news, and recover abandoned carts.

We built Firepush for Shopify store owners who need a simple email app. We’d rather not over-promote it—just know that Firepush has a 4.8 rating from 780+ Shopify store owners and you can try it for free.

Best features:

  • One-click customer segmentation for more personalized campaigns
  • Email templates for different marketing goals (promotions, welcome emails, etc.)
  • Includes SMS marketing and web push notifications


Free to try for 14 days and 300 emails. Premium plans cost $15/mo (6,000 emails) and $29/mo (15,000 emails).

Why use Firepush?

  • Connects to a Shopify store in seconds
  • Provides valuable analytics to track the performance of email campaigns
  • Contains both promotional and transactional email templates to promote your store and improve customer experience
  • Has one of the most affordable premium plans among Shopify emails apps
  • This app is also great for dealing with abandoned carts because it combines three recovery methods: email, SMS, and push notifications

2. Omnisend

Omnisend Shopify app

Omnisend is one of the most popular Shopify email marketing apps. You can set up email campaign automation for just about any customer journey thanks to pre-developed templates. The dashboard is pretty straightforward, so beginners won’t have problems with navigation.

Segmentation is another reason why Omnisend is among the best Shopify email apps. You can segment email subscribers automatically or make custom segments based on their lifetime value, product interest, or engagement.

Best features:

  • Pre-built automations to make email campaign creation quicker
  • Customer segmentation to create more targeted personalized email campaigns
  • Simple drag-and-drop email editor for email designs


Free to install. Premium plans begin at $16/mo.

Why use Omnisend?

Omnisend has an extensive library of email templates, so you can try different campaigns and strategies. Deep segmentation is also a great feature for increasing open rate and click-through rate.

Best Shopify Apps for Conversions

You need the best Shopify apps to increase sales. In this section, find top Shopify apps that help with lead generation, customer reviews, and social proof.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Shopify app

Shopify store owners use OptinMonster to build email lists. This Shopify app detects when eCommerce store visitors are about to leave and shows them a pop-up window. They can enter their contact details. The app helps you build an email list with all these details for future use. But it’s not only pop-ups: OptinMonster has floating bars, gamified wheels, and more lead generation features.

You can offer coupons, discounts, and other perks with OptinMonster. And this strategy can work fantastically: eCommerce research shows that up to 70% of customers will consider buying if given a discount.

Best deatures:

  • 100+ customizable pop-up window templates to generate leads
  • On-site lead generation tools: email pop-up windows, floating bars, spinning wheels, a countdown timer, and more
  • Built-in testing tools to help you define which lead generation pop-ups bring you the most leads


No free plan. Premium plans begin at $14/mo for small Shopify stores. Growing businesses can consider Pro or Growth plans ($47/mo and $80/mo, respectively) to get advanced analytics, testing, and campaign scheduling.

Why use OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is one of the best Shopify apps for conversion because you can use a bunch of different lead generation tools to get visitors’ emails. So, you can put lead generation on autopilot, which is useful for Shopify stores with small marketing teams.

4. Loox - Photo Reviews

Loox Shopify app

Loox is one of the best review apps for Shopify with 6,100+ 5-star testimonials. With Loox, you can get visual customer reviews—a powerful Shopify marketing strategy.

Getting reviews with Loox is pretty easy. First, you add your data and send out automatic review emails to collect reviews in one place. Then, you choose how to display them on your Shopify store: pop-ups, carousels, sidebars, etc.

Best features:

  • Customer review collection on autopilot thanks to automatic emails
  • Add a discount code and other incentives for reviews
  • Multiple ways to showcase photo reviews in different places on Shopify stores


Loox has a 14-day free trial but no free plan. If you’d like a try, consider the cheapest paid plan for $9.99/mo with 100 monthly review request emails. This way, you can check if Loox generates reviews for your Shopify store.

Why use Loox?

Loox is one of the best Shopify apps for conversion optimization because of three things. One, the app does most of the work automatically, so you save time. Two, Loox effectively takes care of the essential trust signal: customer reviews. Three, the app does photo reviews, which are more credible than traditional ones.

5. Instafeed - Instagram Feed

Instafeed Shopify app

Did you know that 4 in 10 online shoppers begin product searches on Instagram and Facebook? They often check out inspiration-packed Instagram feeds and end up buying products they love. If you’d like to generate more sales from social media, too, consider Instafeed.

Instafeed places an Instagram feed with photos of customers enjoying your products on your Shopify store. You can turn your business’s Instagram account into a sales-generating machine by tagging products and driving people to your online store.

Best features:

  • Good-looking, elegant Instagram feed for Shopify stores
  • Shoppable Instagram features to generate sales from people visiting your Instagram profile
  • No coding skills are needed to add the feed, customize it, or integrate with mobile store versions


A free plan has a simple feed with pictures and usernames. You can either try the free version or go for a cheap Pro version ($3.99 per month) because it adds likes and allows product tagging.

Why use Instafeed?

If Instagram is a part of your Shopify marketing strategy, Instafeed can be a tool to drive potential customers to your online store. Instafeed is one of the best Shopify apps for this purpose because it’s lightweight, elegant, and fully compatible with Instagram.

6. DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch Shopify app

DataFeedWatch has already helped over 11,000 clients to grow their online business. The app helps create and optimize feed across different channels, including the largest search engines and advertising platforms. The app provides various performance metrics, so you will always see what campaigns work for you and which ones need extra attention.

Best features:

  • There’s no feed limit. The app can process shopping feeds for over a million products.
  • Broad sales channel reach. You can optimize your feed for over 2,000 channels.
  • Easy integration, done with just a few clicks


The most basic plan charges $59 a month ($49 if billed yearly) and allows using the app for one shop, up to 1,000 products, and works across three channels. Other plans cover more shops and offer optimization across more channels. The largest plan is Enterprise. It costs $329 a month and covers unlimited shops across as many channels as you need.

Why use DataFeedWatch?

Optimizing feed is important for conversions because it helps your brand look trustworthy. Managing different feeds is a big job, but it makes your company more visible across different channels. DataFeedWatch automates tasks that would take up a lot of time if done manually. The app also helps you follow different performance metrics, which is essential if you want to optimize your conversions.

Best Shopify SEO Apps

Here, find the best Shopify SEO apps for your Shopify store. Plug in SEO is an all-in-one option to manage every SEO need and TinyIMG is a dedicated app for image optimization.

7. Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO Shopify app

Plug in SEO is the best SEO app for Shopify based on user reviews. It’s an all-in-one app, which means it takes care of all SEO-related aspects, including optimization of keywords, images, links, and site structure.

Plug in SEO is simple to use. Once added, the app looks for SEO issues and generates a report with simple recommendations for fixing them. So, you can do some optimization without having a lot of experience with Shopify SEO.

Best features:

  • Periodic Shopify store SEO check
  • Templates for meta titles and descriptions
  • Clear instructions for fixing SEO problems by yourself
  • Comprehensive SEO checks to evaluate Google rankings, loading speeds, filenames, site structure, and other essential ranking factors


Prefer to fix Shopify SEO problems yourself? There’s a free version with unlimited checks and fix instructions. If you need support, you can try the paid plan for $20/mo—it’s got premium support and training videos.

Why use Plug in SEO?

Plug in SEO is one of those Shopify SEO apps that are simple enough to let you fix many problems yourself. So, if your SEO budget is limited, you can rely on this Shopify app to optimize your store’s performance.

8. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

TinyIMG Shopify app

Unoptimized images are the top reason for slow-loading websites. Since site speed is a ranking factor, getting those product images optimized is important. And you can still make them look stunning enough to attract clicks and sales.

TinyIMG is the app you want for that. It’s one of the best apps for Shopify when it comes to optimizing images and improving SEO performance. You can reduce image sizes by up to 70% without sacrificing the quality.

Best features:

  • Image reduction technology that reduces image sizes by three quarters and preserves the quality
  • Automatic addition of ALT tags and titles to make images more SEO-friendly
  • Deep check of Shopify store for image optimization opportunities


If you’re running a small Shopify store, consider a one-month subscription for $4.99/mo for 300 optimized images. There’s also an annual subscription with $0.99/mo and 1,000 image optimizations.

Why use TinyIMG?

TinyIMG is the best Shopify SEO app for image optimization because of several reasons. First, it’s simple to set up and use for beginners. Also, there’s no need for technical SEO expertise to optimize images—the app does that for you. Plus, Shopify store owners love it: TinyIMG has a 4.9 rating and lots of positive reviews mentioning superb customer support.

You might be interested in our list of the best Shopify apps for SEO:

Best Shopify Review Apps

About 87% of customers read reviews for online businesses. To get a good chance to get sales and grow your business, you need the best review apps for Shopify.

9. Judge.me

Judge.me Shopify app

The folks at Judge.me know what they’re doing. Their product is the best review app for Shopify with the highest rating. Judge.me has 5 stars on the Shopify App Store from 4,200+ users, which is amazing.

Photo and video reviews, email requests, reminders, on-site widgets and badges—Judge.me has an impressive range of features. This must-have Shopify app also adds review stars in Google search results like in this image below.

Judge.me - on google search - reviews example

Also, you can use many features of this essential Shopify app for free. This makes Judge.me an excellent option for new eCommerce platforms.

Best features:

  • Review widgets and emails in 34 languages
  • Fast and easy collection of reviews with automatic email requests
  • Lots of opportunities to display reviews: on-site widgets, photos, videos, and even in Google search results


A new Shopify business can choose the free version (unlimited review requests + site and Google snippet reviews). The only premium plan costs $15 per month.

Why use Judge.me?

Judge.me is one of the top Shopify apps for many reasons. You can set it up in two minutes, import existing reviews, collect new reviews automatically, and showcase them both on your website and search engine results.

10. Stamped.io

Stamped.io Shopify app

Stamped.io is a highly-rated Shopify review app used to improve reputation and build trust with customers. Besides traditional and photo reviews, you can collect video reviews, Q&A-style reviews, and more.

What also makes Stamped.io a useful Shopify app is analytics. You can see products that received the best reviews, customers who wrote the most reviews, and other helpful stats for marketing.

Best features:

  • Automatic email product review requests
  • Photo reviews that can be made into shoppable Instagram posts
  • Analytics and reports on reviews and reviewed products
  • Reward system for reviews to encourage more purchases


There’s a free version that lets you collect reviews for 50 orders per month. More review requests and features like photo and checkout reviews are available in paid plans that start at $23/mo.

Why use Stamped.io?

Stamped.io is one of the best Shopify apps because it automates review management. You can collect reviews automatically and reward customers for writing them.

Another cool thing is the feature that turns a photo review into a shoppable Instagram post. This means you can showcase your products being used, which is great to earn customer trust.

Take a look at our list of the best review apps for Shopify:

Best Shopify Referral Apps

Want to try referral marketing? That’s a good idea—referral leads convert 30% better than leads obtained from other marketing strategies. Here are the two best Shopify referral apps—ReferralCandy (paid) and Smile (free).

11. UpPromote

UpPromote Shopify app

Affiliate marketing uses the affiliate’s voice such as their social channels, networks, websites, etc. to advertise your products and increase sales without any upfront cost. This marketing campaign is an ideal option for all all-size businesses. If you’d like to generate more revenue from affiliate marketing, you can consider UpPromote

UpPromote: Affiliate marketing will help you build, manage and succeed with Affiliate marketing. With UpPromote, you can automatically track all referral orders  and the affiliate’s performance via the accurate and real-time tracking systems. It’s easy to use, especially for non-tech people.

Best features:

  • Quickstart guideline, and “Check your setup” feature helps you easily start to build your affiliate team
  • Motivate affiliates by generating multiple commission programs, auto-tier commission, or a lifetime commission
  • Auto-generate referral affiliate links and coupons to save time
  • Growing affiliate team by free listing on UpPromote Marketplace
  • Automatic payout via popular payment methods including PayPal


UpPromote has a free plan and different pricing options to choose from: $19.99/ month with Growth plan; $59.99/ month with Professional plan; and $119.99/ month with Enterprise plan. With all pricing plans, you will get a 14 day free-trial.

Why use UpPromote?

What differs between UpPromote and others is that you can list your offer on UpPromote MarketPlace to approach more ambassadors. The app also offers a free plan. This is a suitable option if you are just starting your business and are looking for the right marketing solution.

12. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy Shopify app

ReferralCandy is a good Shopify referral app for growing businesses. It’s an all-in-one platform for referral marketing where you control everything and get analytics in one dashboard. No worries if you’re a beginner in referral marketing. The reviews from store owners on Shopify App Store mention superb customer support, so you should be in good hands.

Best features:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard to track referral campaign performance and sales
  • Helpful referral campaign analytics (top referrers, most popular products, etc.)
  • Branded landing pages and emails for campaigns


No free plan. Growing Shopify businesses can choose a Premium plan for $49 per month, which includes most features.

Why use ReferralCandy?

ReferralCandy is a Shopify referral app you can use to manage your campaigns from one place. You can launch any kind of campaign and give many different rewards for those taking part in the referral program. Helpful reports will give all the data you need to control spending.

13. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile.io Shopify app

Smile.io can be a useful Shopify app for new and small stores. It comes with a free plan and has everything to help generate referral sales. You can create a loyalty program and encourage orders with bonuses, discounts, and exclusive perks.

Another reason why Smile is among the best free Shopify apps is analytics. You get a simple dashboard to see how your campaigns perform and make timely decisions.

Best features:

  • Custom referral programs with personalized emails and pop-ups
  • Custom loyalty programs with rewards for specific customer actions (leaving a review, placing an order, etc.)
  • In-app analytics to monitor the performance of your campaigns (referral traffic, sales, referrers, etc.)


Free plan with 10+ ways to reward customers (should be enough for small stores). A disadvantage of the free version is the lack of integrations with other apps. Integrations and advanced features are available in premium plans starting at $49/mo.

Why use Smile?

Smile is a popular Shopify app for referral marketing you can use even for free. With a few clicks, you can build referral campaigns and drive sales with discounts, coupons, and other perks to reward your loyal customers. This may even reduce your customer retention rate.

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping

Starting a dropshipping store? Or need an app to manage inventory and shipment? These best Shopify dropshipping apps are helping thousands of entrepreneurs with those tasks.

14. Oberlo

Oberlo Shopify app

Many store owners test several best Shopify apps for dropshipping before choosing the one that works. Oberlo is often the first on the list—it provides automatic order fulfillment, inventory management, and easy product import of 30,000+ items from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace.

If you’re a beginner, try Oberlo’s free Starter plan. You can import up to 500 products and get unlimited monthly orders. There are also dropshipping guides and tips for beginners included, so this Shopify inventory app will help get started.

Best features:

  • Automatic order fulfillment and inventory management
  • An impressive product range: up to 30,000 options that can be added to Shopify stores
  • Dropshipping guides and tips for beginners
  • Trendy product reports to help merchants find the most popular items


Free plan for 500 products. Premium plans with shipment tracking, trendy products, and bulk orders start at $7.90 per month.

Why use Oberlo?

This Shopify dropshipping and inventory app does product import and order fulfillment automatically, and has enough product options to start even a large store. Product import and store management are simple thanks to an easy-to-use dashboard, which both dropshipping beginners and experts will enjoy.

15. Printful

Printful Shopify app

Want to start a t-shirt store? Or maybe a clothing store? Consider Printful. This is one of the best Shopify inventory management apps with a 4.3 rating from 3,300+ merchants. Printful provides quality print-on-demand dropshipping and warehousing services.

Printful has the biggest product range among Shopify inventory apps. You can sell hundreds of items, including t-shirts, mugs, shorts, and fanny packs. Printful does everything: product warehousing and product fulfillment, so you just design products and add them to your store.

Best features:

  • Product storage and order fulfillment for Shopify merchants
  • An impressive product catalog (clothing, hats, accessories, home & living, eco-friendly)
  • Easy integration with Shopify to start selling within minutes
  • A simple product design tool to create custom items


Printful is free to use. You pay only when you make a sale, which depends on the margins you set. For example, if you sell 30 t-shirts with a Printful price of $8 for $15, your profit will be around $209.

Check this useful Printful payments guide to calculate your potential profits.

Why use Printful?

Printful is an essential Shopify inventory and dropshipping app to start a new store: easy to use, has lots of products, and does everything for you. You can start your dropshipping business from home with little upfront costs, and pay Printful only when you sell.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales and Discounts

Discounts and sales are a big part of online customer experience. If you’d like a dedicated Shopify sale or discount app, this section has the top-rated options.

16. Bold Discounts

Bold Discounts Shopify app

Bold Discounts is one of the best Shopify apps because it gives merchants an arsenal of tools to motivate shoppers to buy. With this Shopify discount app, you can create flash sales, storewide sales, and manage everything from one place.

The app offers a wide range of features. When you create a sale, Bold Discounts automatically adds sale icons, countdown timers, and sales clocks to selected items. Basically, you can run any kind of sale and keep an eye on performance from the app’s dashboard.

Best features:

  • Custom sales in one click (storewide, timed, and product category sales)
  • Customizable sales countdown timers for every product
  • Discounts for every product or category
  • Sales indicators such as icons for product pages


No free plan, but you can try this Shopify discount app for free for 14 days. There’s one paid plan that offers all features for $19.99 per month.

Why use Bold Discounts?

You can motivate your customers to buy with sales, discounts, timed deals, and other techniques. This Shopify sales app does all the work: you just need to indicate products and sale details.

17. PickyStory

PickyStory Shopify app

PickyStory is an upselling & cross-selling app for Shopify that enables merchants to generate more revenue from every customer by adding deals anywhere in their store.

PickyStory comes with a whole host of benefits and seemingly endless upselling potential. One of this app’s best features is its diverse range of upsell bundles and other deals that can be displayed on any page in your store.

Best features

  • Create and display deals on any page in your store
  • Auto-sync your inventory at SKU level for all deals
  • Add optional discounts to any deal
  • Customize your deals to integrate seamlessly into your store


PickyStory offers several pricing plans to suit merchants of all sizes:

  • Start: For merchants who sell on a small scale; $19.50/month
  • Pro: For merchants scaling their business; $34.50/month
  • Expert: For merchants selling in multiple locations and currencies; $99.50/month

As an added benefit, all plans are free for the first 14 days.

Why use PickyStory?

PickyStory is one of the top upsell apps on Shopify. Use PickyStory’s deals to sell products together with bundles (auto or manual) on your product pages, create a gallery of shoppable looks, use kits for tiered pricing, and so much more.  

Best Shopify Apps for Shipping and Returns

Fast shipping and returns are a must for a successful Shopify store. Ecommerce studies found that customers who made a fast and easy return can increase spending at that store by 158%-457%.

These Shopify shipping apps can speed up your work and keep customers coming back.

18. Returns & Shipping Automation (by Shipway)

Shipway Shopify app

How this best shipping app for Shopify can improve your customer experience? Its name gives a hint: the app automates processes related to shipping and returns to process orders faster.

Shipway does these tasks automatically: allocation of tracking numbers, generation of shipping labels, making invoices and tax reports (GSTR), self-return services, and tracking all shipments. Thanks to cooperation with major shipping companies (FedEx and DHL included), shipments get sent and delivered quickly.

Best features:

  • Automation of all shipping- and return-related processes
  • Generation of shipping labels and documents
  • Integration with 500+ shipping couriers from around the world
  • Branded tracking pages


The app has a 7-day free trial for 500 shipments. The premium subscription cost starts at $50/year.

Why use the Returns & Shipping Automation app?

This is the best shipping app for Shopify with a flawless 5-star rating from 370+ online store owners. You can automate most processes related to product shipping and returns, and speed them up to keep customer satisfaction high.

19. Easyship - All in One Shipping

Easyship Shopify app

Easyship is designed to help Shopify businesses expand internationally. It’s one of the best Shopify shipping apps in this regard because it automates tax duty calculations, prepares paperwork, and gives access to top international couriers.

If you’re planning to deliver products to international customers, you’ll enjoy special rates for Easyship users and automatic document management. The app also generates domestic return labels for easier product returns, and sends shipping notifications to the clients.

Best features:

  • Access to 250+ international carriers
  • Special, pre-negotiated shipping rates for Easyship customers
  • Add multiple shipping options to checkout pages to increase sales


Easyship users pay for shipped orders. The rate to make a 1-4 day delivery from the U.S. to Spain with DHL is $43.30. You can choose a longer delivery time (11-17 days) and reduce the cost to $24.23. Use Easyships’ shipping rate calculator to learn more rates.

Why use Easyship?

Easyship is one of Shopify shipping apps that cooperate with top couriers and offer market rates. It’s a good option if you’d like to make international deliveries, and there’s a chance to reduce costs a bit with Easyship’s discounts.

Best Business Reporting App for Shopify

Keeping track of sales, expenses, and profits is a must for successful budget management. BeProfit is an all-in-one profit calculator and business reporting app.

20. BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

BeProfit Shopify app

The BeProfit profit tracker app is a reliable Shopify app to calculate many useful business metrics. In one dashboard, you can track and download reports about total profits, profits per order, marketing expenses, cost per goods sold (COGS), and others.

Using BeProfit is a great way to keep track of critical financial information. Besides, you’ll be able to monitor which products are selling, how much inventory is left, and whether all the taxes are paid properly.

Best features:

  • Automatic tracking of essential business metrics (orders, taxes, inventory, COGS, etc.)
  • Customize and download reports on any metrics on demand
  • Integration with all major advertising platforms and Shopify


BeProfit has a free plan for 20 monthly orders. Paid plans with advanced analytics begin at $25/mo.

Why use BeProfit?

BeProfit is a straightforward app for tracking profits and generating business reports, even for beginners. You have every metric in one dashboard, so no need to search for information elsewhere. Besides, all reports are simple, and you can view and edit them on the go.

How we selected and tested best Shopify Apps

We used a simple methodology to select and test the best Shopify apps. This is what we based our selection on:

  1. Shopify app score. We checked how many people downloaded the apps and rated them on Shopify app store. We found that the score alone is not a good enough indication because if only five people have used the apps their rating may not be objective. So we carefully checked how many users rated the apps to get a neutral point of view.
  2. Features. We carefully researched what features each app offers, and how useful they are. Many additional features does not necessarily mean that the app is better than others. But if these features are well developed and solve relevant issues then we consider it to be an advantage.
  3. Reviews. A part of our research included going through forums and review sites to find what apps are the most loved by Shopify store owners. This was not the main factor but we were interested to learn whether the most talked about apps are also the best ones to use.


We have researched many Shopify apps and picked 20 that we think are the best to boost your online stores. To come up with the list, we checked the Shopify app score of each app, had a close look at their features, and researched related reviews.

For easier navigation, we separated our list into different categories depending on app functions. The article lists the best Shopify apps for marketing, conversions, reviews, and other essential parts of growing your business.

With so many Shopify apps out there, it’s easy to get lost. We hope that our list helps you find the best Shopify app for your business needs.


Which are the best Shopify apps to increase sales?

The best Shopify apps to increase sales are Firepush, OptinMonster, and TinyIMG. These apps are great because they cover different aspects of the sales process and customer experience.

Firepush helps with email marketing, promotions, and abandoned carts. OptinMonster has lead generation features, and TinyIMG helps optimize your store for search engines and resize images for a better customer experience.

How many Shopify apps should I have?

It depends on your store, and also on what functions you want the apps to perform. Most Shopify apps have multiple features, so even a couple of apps may be enough for your needs.

For example, Firepush is an all-in-one marketing platform and automates most marketing tasks. So you can get one app instead of downloading and managing multiple applications.

What are the must have apps for Shopify?

The must have apps for Shopify are Firepush, OptinMonster, Plug in SEO, and TinyIMG. These apps are great for marketing and SEO image optimization, and they will cover most of your needs. Depending on your store, you may want to have other apps, but we find these the best ones.

Adelina Kiskyte

Adelina is a content project manager and a passionate writer. She’s interested in the tech field and ecommerce development. She enjoys keeping up with the industry news, learning new things, and writing helpful guides.

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