15 Shopify Print on Demand Apps to Use in 2023

15 Shopify Print on Demand Apps to Use in 2023

What are the best Shopify print on demand apps?

If you’re thinking about starting a Shopify dropshipping business selling t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, wall art, watches, or posters, you need an app to let you do that. Here’s how to choose yours.

In this guide:

How to Choose the Best Print on Demand App

The best Shopify print on demand apps can make running your business a breeze even if you have no experience. Keep in mind these things to choose the best Shopify app for print on demand:

  • Free to use — if you’re a beginner, you might want to choose free print on demand Shopify apps to minimize costs.
  • Decent product range — the best Shopify print on demand apps allow to sell at least 100 items (clothing, homeware, pet products, smartphone cases, etc.).
  • No upfront costs — you need to be able to begin a print on demand business or expand an existing one with no investment for inventory.
  • Free fulfillment & storage — a print on demand Shopify service should manage inventory and fulfill orders without your involvement.
  • Fast product delivery time — a print on demand business needs to make quick deliveries, so choose apps that offer between 3 and 7 days for fulfillment, shipping, and delivery.

When you pick your favorite Print on Demand app, we recommend checking out this list of best Shopify apps that will help you increase your store sales.

Best Shopify Print on Demand Apps

These are the 5 best Shopify print on demand apps based on user reviews:

  1. Printful — Biggest product range
  2. Teelaunch — Nice product range for homeware stores
  3. Printify — Good supplier range, eco-friendly printing options
  4. SPOD — Fastest delivery time for US- and EU-based customers
  5. T-Pop — Best option to sell for EU customers

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1. Printful

Printful - Shopify application - homepage

Printful has the largest range of print on demand products, from t-shirts to fanny packs. The app takes care of everything—you just need to create custom products and sell them. That’s why Printful is an excellent choice for artists and entrepreneurs for both part-time and full-time engagement.

Best features:

  • Printed and embroidered products
  • Premium-quality products for customer satisfaction
  • Impressive product range — from women’s clothing to throw pillows
  • Easy-to-use product mockup generator to create custom designs

How much?

Free to use, pay only when you make a sale. Printful charges only for production.

Why choose this app?

Fast and easy order management & fulfillment + the product range is one of the best in the industry. That’s why Printful is a great choice for anyone who wants to set up a print on demand store on Shopify.

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2. Teelaunch

Teelaunch - Shopify application - homepage

Shopify store owners say that Teelaunch offers consistently good quality printing. That’s why this print on demand app mostly gets great reviews. You should consider it because it takes care of everything + allows selling rare products like shower curtains and paperback journals.

Best features:

  • High printing quality for all products
  • Several production facilities across the world allow to sell to any country
  • Extensive product range: clothing, dinnerware, drinkware, home goods, and office accessories
  • Fast orders processing times, from three days for US orders

How much?

No monthly or subscription fees—pay only when you make a sale. The commission depends on the price you set.

Why choose this app?

Great and quick customer service, reasonable delivery times (3-10 days), and good printing quality. A nice option for Shopify store owners selling homeware.

3. Printify

Printify - Shopify application - homepage

Printify is a good print on demand Shopify app for t-shirt sales. It synchronizes with a Shopify store within a minute and gives you a nice range of clothing products to sell. The selection of print providers is excellent—you have companies from the US, Europe, China, and Australia.

Best features:

  • A straightforward mockup generator
  • 250+ products and 90+ printer locations across the world
  • Environmentally-friendly printing suppliers available
  • Unlimited number of product designs

How much?

You can use Printify for free for five stores with all features. The premium plan costs $29/mo is for large dropshipping businesses operating 10+ eCommerce stores.

Why choose this app?

A cheap print on demand Shopify app for beginners with a decent product range. Good quality printing—products look very close to mockups.


SPOD - Shopify application - homepage

SPOD offers a 48-hour US and EU delivery—the fastest among all Shopify print on demand apps. That’s an excellent feature because 44% of customers don’t order because of slow delivery times.

SPOD’s product range includes 110 products, which is a bit smaller compared to other on demand clothing printing apps. Still, you can use SPOD to sell t-shirts and other clothing products in the US or EU.

Best features:

  • A library of 50,000 free designs for inspiration
  • 20% discounts on sample orders
  • A simple product customizer tool for beginners to see designs before manufacturing
  • Fast t-shirt fulfillment (about 50% of orders get delivered within 48 hours)

How much?

SPOD’s print on demand Shopify app is free. The prices begin at $6.39 for products (t-shirts) and $3.57 for US shipping. This is one of the lowest pricing offers in the print on demand industry.

Why choose this app?

New entrepreneurs who want to have product design options available right away. You can customize designs and ship products quickly thanks to SPOD’s 48-hour order fulfillment, which could be a quick business start.

5. T-Pop

T-POP - Shopify application - homepage

T-Pop is based in France, and makes fast shipping across the EU (3-5 days) for about €4.50 per order. This cheap print on demand service has a strict environmental protection policy with many materials made without plastic.

The print on demand product range is fairly limited. Still, it’s enough if you’d like to start a t-shirt fulfillment business on Shopify and add sweatshirts, mugs and bags later.

Best features:

  • Fast EU delivery between 48 and 72 hours
  • In-house production and shipping (no outsourcing)
  • Free brand logo on every order package
  • No plastic in packing + top-quality recycled bags for product shipping

How much?

T-Pop Shopify print on demand app is free, you pay for what you sell.

Why choose this app?

If you want to sell print on demand products within the EU, T-Pop is a good choice. Also, you can make their environmentally-friendly policy a unique marketing point for your business.

6. CustomCat

CustomCat- Shopify application - homepage

CustomCat has a good product range (apparel, houseware, and accessories) and reasonable shipping times. The reviews of this Shopify print on demand app are mostly positive, but some indicate poor materials for some products. Overall, CustomCat doesn’t have the reputation of Printful or Teelanch but still is a good option for beginners.

Best features:

  • 350+ product options to sell on Shopify
  • Some of the lowest commission rates among print on demand Shopify apps
  • Personalization tool that allows customers to add names and texts to products

How much?

The Shopify app is free to use. CustomCat charges reasonable prices for new entrepreneurs—from $9.00 for t-shirts, $5.50 for mugs, and $17.00 for hoodies. There’s also a free plan for $20/mo with higher margins and lower product prices.

Why choose this app?

If you want to fulfill large print on demand orders and save money. CustomCat’s prices are business-friendly and the company is ready to make high volume discounts for online stores.

7. JetPrint

JetPrint - Shopify application - homepage

JetPrint is a rising start among Shopify print on demand apps. This service is relatively new but already has a decent 4.5 Shopify store rating and product range. But here’s a surprise: Jetprint isn’t just a Shopify t-shirt app—it also makes 35+ shoes and 80+ watches. So if you want to sell these products, consider this print on demand app.

Best features:

  • 200+ products including wooden quartz watches and leather shoes
  • Fast production times (from three days for any product)
  • Useful design templates for faster product design

How much?

JetPrint app is free to add and design products. Product prices are average: prices for watches start at $18, pants at $15, t-shirts at $13, and shoes at $25.

Why choose this app?

If you’d like to sell a product range that includes watches, shoes, sneakers, AOP clothing—JetPrint has production facilities for these. So you can use this print on demand app for just about any dropshipping business idea.

8. AOP+

AOP+ - Shopify application - homepage

AOP+ is a good print on demand Shopify app with a solid 4.2 rating. There’s a decent product range of 200+ items, so you’ll find something to sell. Also, the product pricing is beginner-friendly.

Disadvantages? The free version doesn’t have branded stickers and heat-pressed labels on shipping boxes. Not a biggie but still something that brand-oriented businesses could use.

Best features:

  • Easy Shopify integration within minutes
  • Unlimited product designs in the product creator
  • Up to 10% discount on all prices in premium plans
  • Reasonable product pricing (prices for t-shirts start at $10.58, polo shirts at $23.99)

How much?

The basic plan with access to all products is free. But it has limited branding and no discounts on products. Premium plans start at $11.99/mo and offer discounts for large orders.

Why choose this app?

Beginners can try the free plan while premium plans are suitable for growing businesses that get up to a hundred monthly orders. But AOP+ has only custom branding options (the packing slip) in the free version.

9. Printy6

Printy6 - Shopify application - homepage

Printy6 is a good Shopify on demand fulfillment app if you want to sell watches in your store. Deloitte research says watch sales are about to make a comeback in 2021, so time to enter this industry could be perfect. And, of course, like other best print on demand apps for Shopify, Printy6 provides clothing, shoes, wallets, and wall art product options.

Best features:

  • Global free shipping
  • Rich product range (shoes, bedding sets, watches, posters, wall clocks, etc.)
  • Average pricing for budget-friendly droppshipping business start
  • Fast order processing, fulfillment, and shipping (global delivery within three weeks)

How much?

Free to use, pay commission only. The prices for products are industry average (t-shirt pricing starts at $12.70).

Why choose this app?

Dropshipping businesses and artists who want to sell rarer products like bedding sets, watches, wall art, and umbrellas. Printy6 also does worldwide shipping, so you’ll be able to reach as many customers as possible.

10. Gooten

Gooten - Shopify application - homepage

Gooten isn’t just one of the best Shopify print on demand apps, but an entire logistics platform. The company’s vision is to form partnerships with eCommerce shops and supply them with custom products regularly.

Should you try Gooten for cheap print on demand? The app has a decent 4.2 rating, low prices (t-shirt pricing starts at $8.90), and a nice product range that even includes pet products and business cards. Besides, Gooten delivers worldwide.

Best features:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard with order information, delivery statuses, and analytics
  • Good product range for niche stores and mid-sized businesses
  • Automatic order processing, production, and shipping
  • About 70% of production is located in the U.S.

How much?

Free to install and use, no upfront costs. Product prices are around industry average, so should be suitable for both beginners and growing dropshipping businesses.

Why choose this app?

Gooten is a good Shopify print on demand app to create a dropshipping business with numerous product categories. Besides clothing, Gooten has a nice range of homeware items and even niche categories like pet products (dog bandanas, dog beds, and placemats).

11. Gelato

Gelato - Shopify application - homepage

Gelato is a new print on demand Shopify app that quickly managed to get a decent 4.2-star rating. The reason: a big network of suppliers in 30 countries that allows worldwide delivery. So, there’s a good chance that Gelato has a supplier in your country or region to deliver your orders.

Best features:

  • Personalization tool to allow consumers to create custom products on your store
  • Large product range with advanced items like roll-ups and metallic print
  • Average delivery time is 72 hours regardless of the country

How much?

The Shopify app is free, Gelato takes an average commission for order fulfillment. The shipping costs might be a bit higher, but that depends on the country of delivery.

Why choose this app?

Businesses of all sizes that would like to sell anywhere in the world. Gelato is a new kid on the block that’s trying to build reputation + product range is decent, so it’s a good choice for on demand clothing printing stores.

12. Yoycol

Yoycol - Shopify application - homepage

Yoycol is another new kid on the block of Shopify print on demand apps. This cheap print on demand company has got only 30 reviews from Shopify store owners, but all of them have 5 stars. The reasons for that are nice product printing quality, fast customer support, and worldwide delivery.

Best features:

  • Decent product range of 200+ AOP products
  • “All over” custom print products
  • Easy-to-use 3D mockup generator tool for product design
  • Automatic synchronization of products with Shopify stores

How much?

Free to use, pay only for fulfillment and shipping.

Why choose this app?

Yoycol is a good app for beginners: easy-to-use, good product options, and delivers almost everywhere. There are no upfront costs or rush to start selling, so you can add this print on demand Shopify app to your store and learn the business.

13. Fuel

Fuel - Shopify application - homepage

If you’re looking for print on demand Shopify apps with low pricing, check out Fuel. Online reviews say this Shopify t-shirt fulfillment service has super affordable prices, which is perfect for beginners.

Here are some of the prices to give you an idea:

  • iPhone 12 Pro case: from $6.00
  • 15 oz ceramic mug: from $3.75
  • Long-sleeve t-shirt: from $7.50
  • Sweatshirt: from $12.50

The quality of printing is good, too—

Fuel has a healthy 4.1-star rating from Shopify store owners. The app doesn’t have upfront costs, so the risk is minimal.

Best features:

  • Some of the lowest prices for custom print-on-demand clothing
  • Discounts for the first 50 orders for new users (between $1 and $3 per item)
  • Automatic order processing and shipping
  • Fast US shipping (2-4 days)

How much?

This best print on demand for Shopify app is free to install and use. Product prices are affordable—S-size, 100% cotton t-shirts start at $7 per item.

Why choose this app?

Low prices. You can get higher margins thanks to Fuel’s business-friendly pricing. So it’s the best Shopify print on demand app for cheap printing with reasonable delivery times and quality.

14. Print Melon

Print Melon - Shopify application - homepage

Print Melon is another new kid in the Shopify t-shirt printing business. The company says they focus on niche products and printing quality to help new Shopify dropshipping businesses. So far, it’s working: Print Melon has a decent 4.4-star rating from Shopify store owners.

Best features:

  • Fast and automatic order fulfillment to reduce business costs
  • Regular restock—customer reviews indicate a lack of “out of stock” problems
  • Average product prices and shipping costs (about $8 to ship clothing within the US and $15-$25 for international addresses)
  • Good quality service—some reviews were changed to 5 stars after handling problems with Print Melon’s team.

How much?

Free to add to a Shopify store and design products. The prices are about average compared to other Shopify print on demand apps on this list.

Why choose this app?

Shopify business owners who’d like an app with both popular and niche products. Print Melon has hundreds of products available—from t-shirts to aprons and bags. The design studio’s interface seems to have a slightly outdated design, but still is easy to learn and use.

15. Apliiq

Apliiq - Shopify application - homepage

Want to create a streetwear brand like Stüssy or Supreme? Then trying Apliiq for your on demand clothing printing needs is a good idea. This is the best on demand t-shirt printing service that boasts a nice range of streetwear style clothing. Also, Apliiq does stitching, labels, tags, and graphic design services.

Best features:

  • Decent product range for streetwear businesses (tees, beanies, hoodies, snapbacks, joggers, and more)
  • Manufacturer tag removal to give your products a private label
  • Nice discount system (buy 10 items, get a 20% discount)
  • Opportunity to sell sustainable, eco-friendly custom clothing.

How much?

Free to use. Product prices are affordable (prices for snapbacks start at $5, pullover hoodies at $13.00, and t-shirts at $3.00). There’s also a discount system for bulk and wholesale buyers.

Why choose this app?

Consider Apliiq if you’d like to start a dropshipping streetwear brand on Shopify. This on demand clothing printing service specializes in streetwear style and has everything to give your products cool vibes.

16. Podbase

Discover Podbase, the ultimate destination for hassle-free customization of phone cases and tech gear. Shopify merchants can't stop raving about Podbase’s top-notch quality and diverse product range. With a user-friendly interface and a cutting-edge 3D mock-up generator, turn your design ideas into standout creations effortlessly. Elevate your customization game with Podbase – where Shopify merchants find unparalleled quality and endless possibilities for personalized phone cases and tech accessories.

Best features:

  • Global, cost-effective shipping 
  • Responsive support & helpful team
  • +100 models of Phone cases
  • Easy-to-use platform takes minutes to launch products

How much?

Free to use, pay only when you make a sale. Podbase charges only for production.

Why choose this app?

The user-friendly interface and 3D mock-up generator ensure effortless design and top-notch products. Trusted by Shopify merchants for quality in phone cases, Podbase offers a diverse range, including MacBook covers and iPad protectors, for creative expression.

Can You Make Money with a Print on Demand Business?

Yes, you can really make money with a print on demand (POD) business. Beginners can make anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on products and time commitment. For example, if you sell 20 t-shirts for $20 in a month, you’ll get $400 in revenues.

But a print on demand business can be even more profitable. One way is to sell more products—mugs, sweaters, stickers, backpacks, or smartphone cases. Also, you can create designs of trending topics to drive more sales.

This guy in the video below, for example, gave each t-shirt a name to differentiate his business and attract customers. This idea worked nicely, as he was able to secure decent earnings (over $70,000 selling only t-shirts) with his print on demand store. Check out the video for useful marketing tips for beginners.

Shopify Print on Demand Apps: Summary

These 15 options are the best print on demand apps for Shopify businesses. All of them have at least 4.0-star ratings from dropshippers and other merchants.

Should you start a dropshipping business, too, these 15 POD apps will help to start selling without a large budget. You can easily design custom products or edit existing ones, and start entire brands while keeping your costs low and profits high.

Need recommendations for the best print on demand Shopify apps?

Printful, Printify, and Teelaunch are good options with the biggest product ranges and printing quality. Apliiq is great for new streetwear brands while Gelato, Fuel, and Printy6 are suitable if you’re looking for simple Shopify t shirt apps.

T-Pop is an excellent choice for EU-based suppliers that sell in the same region. CustomCat is good if you need to make large orders for your store.

And, of course, none of these best Shopify print-on-demand apps require upfront costs. So paying for Shopify store and this-party marketing apps should be your only expenses in the beginning.

Fingers crossed for your success.

Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko is a digital marketing specialist with a degree in international marketing. He has over 6 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs build, promote, and improve ecommerce stores. Oleksii’s goal is to help business owners understand their customers and build successful online businesses.

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