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Firepush and Smart Push Marketing (SPM) might seem like similar e-commerce marketing solutions. However, there are some key differences between them in terms of app functionality and features, the main one being that Firepush covers three marketing channels and SPM includes one.

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Channel comparison

Compare Firepush and Smart Push Marketing below to help you make an informed decision.

Firepush Smart Push Marketing

Feature comparison

Firepush SPM
Free plan comparison
Firepush SPM
Paid plan comparison
Basic promotional campaigns
Notification scheduling
Advanced promo campaigns:
Include a large image inside your push notification for maximum impact.
Hero Images (large image inside the push notification)
Promote your flash sale and set an expiry time for your campaign.
Flash sale (notifications with expiry time)
Reward new push notification subscribers with a special time-limited discount code.
Countdown + discount code
You can configure the automation to automatically create unique discount code for every push notification.
Unique Discount Code
Send the same campaign again and again, for example, daily, weekly, or monthly.
Campaign boost
You can set subscribers to receive notifications at 8PM of their local time, or you can always deliver notifications to them at the same time of day when they subscribed.
Customizable campaign deliver time
Welcome new subscribers, to keep your store on their radar and increase the chances of early sales.
Welcome campaigns
Improve sales via abandoned cart campaigns and encourage would-be buyers to finish their purchase.
Abandoned cart campaigns
The notification has info of the last product they viewed.
Abandoned browser recovery
Give your customers the chance to be the first in the queue for every discount.
Price Drop
Let your customer know when the item they are after comes back in stock.
Send to the user once payment has been accepted and processed.
Payment accepted
Update your customer every step of the way on every delivery.
Order dispatched
Send SMS confirmation once the refund is issued.
Payment refund
Tracking number assigned: Send tracking numbers to customers as part of your delivery update messages.
Tracking number assigned
Ask your customers for a product review a few weeks after the order was fulfilled.
Ask for review campaigns
You can send up to 2 push notifications to subscribers who have purchased before.
Customer win-back
Step one is a popup where you can explain what type of notifications your subscribers can expect. Step two is the automatic browser prompt used to capture permission.
2 step opt-in
The fly-out widget is an icon that sits at the side of your website. When clicked on, a subscriber popup form appears.
Flyout widget
Add a signup box to your webpages to encourage subscriber growth.
Sign-up box
Embed a subscriber signup button into your website.
Embed button
Analyze campaign performance with basic stats, including impressions, clicks and total revenue.
Basic reports (number of (un)subscribers)
Analyze campaign performance in detail with stats on CTR, ROI, conversions, orders and revenue generated by channel.
Advanced reports (CTR, conversions, orders, revenue, ROI)
Get speedy responses to your questions with round-the-clock customer support.
24/7 Chat Support
Get speedy responses to your questions with round-the-clock customer support.
Email Support
Speed up your omnichannel marketing efforts with a strategic phone call from one of our marketing experts.
Phone Support
Shopify Plus clients benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you make the most of Firepush.
Dedicated Strategy Manager
Get fast help with app integrations by using our expert Integration Engineer.
Integration Engineer
Easily import existing subscribers from other platforms and export them whenever you need to.
Subscriber migration (import & export of existing subscribers from other platforms)
App automatically segment subscribers into various group based on our curated algorithm.
Subscriber Segment & Targeting Campaign
More details about each subscriber: country, device, browser, subscription time, etc.
Advanced subscriber details
Set up and launch campaigns quickly with ready-made templates that you can tweak to your requirements.

Summary of the key differences:

  • Firepush has many more subscriber growth tools on both its free and paid plans, compared to SPM which has one tool available on both its plans.
  • Firepush has more advanced reporting and analytics than SPM.
  • SPM doesn’t offer a discount code with countdown feature like Firepush, although it offers the ability to have a unique discount code for paid plans.
  • SPM offers subscriber segmentation and advanced subscriber details, whereas Firepush doesn’t.

(Date of analysis: 04/07/2020)

Plan comparison

Firepush Smart Push Marketing
Free plan
Length Foreover free Foreover free
No. of subscribers Unlimited 100
No. of free web pushes 1000 web pushes per month Unlimited
Paid plan
Basic plan $10 / month 5000 web pushes $9.99 / month 1000 subscribers
Business plan $19 / month 10000 web pushes $29.99 / month 10000 subscribers
Advanced plan Custom $79.99 / month 25000 subscribers
Plus plan Custom $149.99 / month 50000 subscribers

Summary of the key differences:

  • The key difference is that Firepush has an unlimited number of subscribers while SPM plans are based on the number of subscribers.
  • SPM only has email support available across both plans. Whereas Firepush has email and 24/7 chat support, plus phone support and a dedicated Strategy Manager for custom plans.

(Date of analysis: 2020 April 7)

Which browsers and devices Firepush and Smart Push Marketing support?

Firepush SPM
Firepush SPM
Firepush SPM
Firepush SPM
Android MAC Windows iPhone, iPad

Summary of the key differences:

  • Pushes are not available on iPhones as, at present, Apple doesn't support web pushes. Will be added to Firepush as soon as it arrives.

(Date of analysis: 2020 April 7)

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