Best Upsell Apps for Shopify in 2022

Best Upsell Apps for Shopify in 2022

Upselling is an effective way to generate more sales from existing Shopify customers. Strategic upsell campaigns can help you significantly increase your revenue and boost customer loyalty.

The best way to run upsell and cross-sell campaigns on your Shopify store is by using upsell apps. However, with so many apps out there, there’s no easy way to pick one. That’s why we tested many different upsell apps and reviewed the best ones for you to choose from.

Read on to find the best upsell app for your Shopify business and start making more money.

Start generating more Shopify sales

Upsell easily with Firepush

Top 5 best Shopify apps for Upsell:

  1. Firepush — the best upsell app for Shopify
  2. Recom — the best product upsell automation
  3. ReConvert — the best app for post-purchase upsell
  4. Vitals — over 40 Shopify marketing apps in one
  5. Honeycomb — customized upsell tunnels for more sales

How to choose the best upsell app for Shopify?

The market is full of Shopify apps built solely for upsell and you can even find marketing services with great upsell features. Picking the best app may be challenging, so to make things easier, we suggest you pay attention to a few things:

  • Think about your goal. Upselling helps increase an average order value, or it can help you sell more items to existing clients. This means that upsell only works if you already have clients. If you’ve just started, then you may want to consider other tactics for generating more sales. However, if you already have clients and you’d like them to spend more at your store, upsell is a great technique.
  • Read the reviews. Once you have an eye on an app that you like, don’t be shy to dig deeper and read the user reviews of the app. Find out if the service was able to help other users generate more sales and if they were happy with the customer support. User reviews can often reveal things about services that providers would never tell.
  • Test the apps. Not all our listed apps offer a money-back guarantee, but all of them offer either a free trial or have a free plan. Download the apps and test them to see if they’re good for your business case. This is a safe way to see if the app is worth investing in, or if you should keep looking. However, if you don’t have time to test the apps, we’ve done the job for you by compiling a shortlist of the best upsell apps.

The best Shopify upsell apps - our detailed list:

We tested a number of Shopify apps that help upsell and cross-sell on the platform. We checked their Shopify rating score, user reviews, and considered their features. Based on this research, we picked the 10 best Shopify apps for upsell.

1. Firepush - the best choice for upsells and cross-sells

Firepush Shopify app

Firepush is an omnichannel marketing solution for Shopify stores. The app automates emails, SMS, and push notifications, where you can easily include upsell offers and generate more sales.

  • Shopify rating: 4.8 ★
  • Price: From $15 a month
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Shopify app: Get Firepush

Firepush is the best upsell app for Shopify. With Firepush, you can include upsell offers into three different marketing campaigns: SMS, emails, and push notifications. Each of the channels has customizable features that make upsells quick and easy. For example, you can pick email templates and personalize them to generate more sales in just a few clicks.

Pricing: You can test any plan with a 14-day free trial. Firepush also has a free version, and paid plans start from $15/month.

Firepush is the best Shopify upsell app

Main features:

  • Multichannel messaging: emails, SMS, and push notifications
  • Upsell and cross-sell promotional campaigns
  • Customer retargeting with effective campaigns
  • Performance tracking via a convenient dashboard

2. Recom - AI-powered upsell automation

Recom Upsell Shopify app

Recom makes product upsell easy by automatically offering relevant products to your Shopify store visitors. The AI-powered app has multiple features for upsell and cross-sell.

  • Shopify rating: 5.0 ★
  • Price: From $19.99 a month
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Shopify app: Get Recom

Recom’s personalized product recommendations will keep your customers browsing through your store catalog and increase your sales. The service offers 11 automatic cross-sell panels, including last viewed, similar looks, new arrivals, and others. You can display upsell products in various formats, such as popups, sliders, and static blocks. The app also features Shopify cart upsell by adding non-intrusive offers.

Pricing: Test the app with a 7-day free trial, or get the basic plan for $19.99/month.

Recom helps upsell with special offers

Main features:

  • AI-powered product panels to offer relevant products
  • Customizable cross-sell product bundles
  • Post-purchase upsell on the “thank you” page
  • Scout feature for automatic product recommendations

3. ReConvert - for “thank you” page optimization

ReConvert Shopify app

ReConvert focuses on post-purchase upsells. The app helps you customize the order confirmation (“thank you”) page to upsell and cross-sell after the initial purchase.

  • Shopify rating: 5.0 ★
  • Price: From $7.99 a month
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Shopify app: Get ReConvert

ReConvert helps you build an order confirmation page for upsells. The page can be fully customized with different widgets, or you can use existing templates to build the page in seconds. You can add upsell widgets such as discount popups with a countdown timer, reorder button, or product recommendations. With page performance tracking, you will always know what helps your clients convert best.

Pricing: The app has a free 30-day trial and a free version. Paid plans start from $7.99/month.

ReConvert app helps with post purchase upsell

Main features:

  • Drag & drop interface for the order confirmation page
  • Personalized “thank you” pages for customer re-engagement
  • Customizable and built-in page templates
  • Performance analytics tracking

4. Vitals - increasing the average order value

Vitals Shopify app

Vitals is an advanced Shopify marketing app that encompasses over 40 different apps in one. The service offers various features for increasing an average order value with unlimited upsells and cross-sells.

  • Shopify rating: 5.0 ★
  • Price: From $29.99 a month
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Shopify app: Get Vitals

Vitals offers a bunch of different marketing features that also cover building upsell and cross-sell campaigns. With the app, you can upsell Shopify products during the checkout, and also take pre-orders for items that are out of stock. Upsell with “buy one get one” offers, and move a slower moving stock with Vital’s bundle builder.

Pricing: Try out Vitals for 30 days for free, or get a full subscription for $29.99/month.

Vitals encompasses over 40 Shopify apps in one

Main features:

  • Product bundle builder for slow-moving stock
  • Pre-orders for out of stock products
  • Integrated tiered pricing for volume discounts
  • Integrates without slowing down your Shopify store

5. Honeycomb - upsell automation with AI

Honeycomb Shopify app

Honeycomb Upsell & Cross-sell app creates upsell funnels to increase the average order value and help you generate more sales.

  • Shopify rating: 4.9 ★
  • Price: From $49.99 a month
  • Free trial: No, but a free plan is available
  • Shopify app: Get Honeycomb

Honeycomb works to upsell on the order confirmation page and on the cart page when a customer clicks on “Go to checkout.” The app helps to build upsell funnels that can be customized and look appealing on any device. With the app, you can display up to three cross-sell offers that can be targeted at different clients. You can also automate the recommendations with Honeycomb’s built-in AI recommendation engine.

Pricing: Honeycomb doesn’t offer a free trial but it has a free plan. Paid plans start from $49.99/month.

Honeycomb app helps build upsell funnels

Main features:

  • AI recommendation engine automatically suggests relevant products
  • Customizable to match your store design and language
  • Comprehensive dashboard for performance tracking
  • Easy set up, no coding knowledge required

6. Zoorix - automated product recommendations

Zoorix Shopify app

Zoorix offers one-click upsell to boost your sales by up to 20%. The app features automatic recommendations based on the client’s previous orders.

  • Shopify rating: 5.0 ★
  • Price: From $7.99 a month
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Shopify app: Get Zoorix

Zoorix offers an upsell and cross-sell system to increase the average order value. The app can automatically recommend relevant products to your clients based on their shopping history. Various widgets can be customized to match your Shopify store design and get the customers to buy more. With Zoorix, you can track the ROI via a dashboard that displays the profit generated with the help of the app.

Pricing: The free plan covers up to 50 orders a month. For up to 100 orders, choose the Zoorix Pro plan for $7.99, or pay $14.99/month for Zoorix MVP and get up to 200 orders.

Zoorix upsell app offers one-click product recommendations

Main features:

  • Customizable bundle sell and promotion landing page
  • Automated bundle product recommendations
  • Discounted set promotions when buying specific products

7. UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle - for non-intrusive upsell campaigns

UFE Shopify app

UFE (Upsell Funnel Engine) Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle is a lightweight app that is easy to use and can effectively help increase your Shopify sales.

  • Shopify rating: 4.9 ★
  • Price: From $7.99 a month
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Shopify app: Get UFE

The UFE believes customers shouldn’t be bombarded with too many suggestions on one page. The app focuses on covering the entire customer journey by providing relevant offers at the right time. You can add upsell suggestions on various pages: product catalogs, carts, checkouts, and homepage. The app also helps create product bundles for maximum profit.

Pricing: The app is free to install and can cover up to 50 orders for free per month. For up to 100 orders, pay $7.99/month.

UFE app offers many upsell options

Main features:

  • A countdown timer for limited-time offers
  • Product upsell pop ups on specific pages
  • Scheduled upsell offers
  • Real-time analytics reports

8. LimeSpot Personalizer - targeted upsells and cross-sells

LimeSpot Shopify app

LimeSpot creates personalized product recommendations for effective upsell campaigns. Run tests, track their performance, and find out what works the best for your clients.

LimeSpot app focuses on building personalized marketing campaigns across different channels and devices. For the most personal experience, the app offers real-time customer segmentation, based on clients’ browsing history, purchase patterns, device, and location. You can dynamically personalize images, text, videos, and call-to-action.

Pricing: Get a 15-day free trial. Paid plans start from $18/month and include different upsell layouts, product recommendations, and more.

Create personalized Shopify upsell campaigns with LimeSpot app

Main features:

  • Intelligent product recommendations
  • Real-time audience segmentation
  • Upsells can be included on different pages across your store
  • A/B testing to find the best combinations for maximizing your sales

9. Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell - more sales with gamified upsells

Voyager-Upsell-Cross‑Sell Shopify app

Voyager by Skup claims to be designed to be the first smart upsell app for Shopify in the world. The app helps bring in more revenue by personalizing upsell items to ensure they’re relevant to the customers.

  • Shopify rating: 4.8 ★
  • Price: From $27 a month
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Shopify app: Get Voyager

The Voyager Upsell & Cross Sell app tracks every item the client has in their cart, and what device they’re using for shopping. Based on this information, the app suggests upsell items that are relevant to the client. With the app, you can pick what products should be included in bundles. Voyager also turns upsell into a game. By playing, your clients will get discounts and special offers to encourage them to spend more on your store.

Pricing: Voyager has a 7-day free trial. The paid plan costs $27/month.

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell by Skup works well on mobile devices

Main features:

  • Quick setup - you can have the app up and running in 30 seconds
  • Smart upsells to fit your clients’ shopping needs
  • Gamification elements to attract more attention
  • User-friendly and targeted upsells

10. In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell - upsells without any popups

In-Cart-Upsell Shopify app

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell offers upsells that organically blend in with existing purchases. The upsell and cross-sell offers don’t show up on a new pop up but smoothly compliment items that are already in the cart.

You can target customers based on their location, or on how many items they already have in the cart. For example, you can create “buy two get one free” and similar offers to maximize your sales. The autopilot feature automatically suggests the most relevant items to your clients. And once the shopper accepts an upsell, the app can automatically apply a discount on their cart.

Pricing: Try out the app for free for 30 days or opt-in for a free plan that covers one upsell/cross-sell offer. Paid plans start from $19.99/month.

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell app works across different devices

Main features:

  • Matches your Shopify store’s branding style
  • Offer builder creates relevant suggestions for different purchases
  • Live chat support and easy installation

How we tested these Shopify upsell apps

With so many upsell apps out there, it may be challenging to pick the best one. We tested a bunch of upsell apps and selected 10 that we think are the best for Shopify users. These are the criteria we based our decision on:

  • Shopify rating score. We only selected the apps that have a Shopify rating score of 4.8 and above. The rating score means that users who tried the app liked it and that the app providers do their best to keep the score high.
  • User reviews. We carefully read the user reviews of all the apps that we tested. Not only we checked what the users say about the app, but also investigated whether the providers listen to what users have to say. The best upsell app providers added new features to their services that the users asked for.
  • App features. With so many Shopify upsell apps out there, it’s important that one app would have a number of features. Some of the apps that we listed cover all the marketing tools that a Shopify store owner may need, others only cover the upsell and cross-sell part but they all have useful features that help maximize Shopify sales.

What is the upselling in Shopify?

In Shopify, upselling is a process of marketing additional items to clients already making a purchase from your store. The upsell items can be displayed on the product page, in pop ups, or at the checkout. They can even be advertised after the purchase, for example, on the order confirmation page, or via an email.

Upselling has a number of benefits. It can significantly increase revenue by boosting the average order value. Upsells can also help sell a slow-moving stock by adding specific items into bundles or increase customer loyalty by offering discounts to shop again for the products they liked.

Shopify is a great place for upsells but adding a few recommended items to your order confirmation emails won’t be enough. For the best effect, upselling should be strategic and target specific customer segments. Shopify upsell apps can be a great help for running effective upsell campaigns.

How do you upsell customers on your Shopify?

You can upsell your Shopify customers to buy more products in a few ways:

1. Larger product versions

Upsell products have to be relevant to what your client is looking for. For example, if the customer is about to order a box of lavender incense sticks, you can try to persuade them to get more value by opting for a larger box.

2. Product bundles

Persuading a customer to buy more in one go is a great technique that combines upselling and cross-selling.

For example, when a customer is interested in getting lavender incense sticks, you can offer them a two-box bundle that includes lavender and another popular scent.

3. Discount coupons or codes

You can easily create Shopify discount codes to grow your sales. In the upsell context, discount coupons can help you persuade the customer to get more items of the same type or come back to your store for more.

For example, if the customer bought a box of incense sticks, you can reward them with a coupon they can redeem with their next order.

4. Freebies

You can incentivize your customer to choose a more expensive item by offering them something extra for free.

For example, to gently push your customers toward buying a premium box of incense sticks, you can offer them free shipping, gift-wrapping, or a free complimentary item.

5. Paid memberships

This technique allows you to not only increase the sale value for your buyers but also promote customer loyalty.

For example, customers who join your club will enjoy a range of privileges, including free shipping, express checkout, scheduling recurring orders, etc.

6. Product comparison

By showing your customer a comparison between two or more similar items, you encourage them to go beyond the cheapest options and buy a quality product with better (or more) features.


With the right app, upselling on Shopify can significantly increase your sales. We tested a number of Shopify apps and selected 10 that are the best for upsells. To build the list, we checked their Shopify rating score, read the reviews, and inspected their features. For your convenience, we reviewed the best apps that will help you generate more sales and make more money on Shopify.

After testing all the apps, we found that Firepush is the best Shopify app for upsells. This app is great for businesses of all sizes, and it covers different marketing channels, so you can enhance all your marketing efforts with just one app.

We hope that our review will help you pick the best upsell app for your Shopify business.


What's the best upsell app for Shopify?

The best upsell app for Shopify is Firepush. This app covers multiple marketing channels: email, SMS, and push notifications. This means that you can easily reach your clients in various ways and effectively upsell your products. The app is easy to use and has a free trial.

Does Shopify have an upsell feature?

Shopify does not have an upsell feature. However, there are many free and paid Shopify apps that help upsell and cross-sell. The best app for Shopify upsell is Firepush. The app has many great features, which make upsell and cross-sell very easy.

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