11 Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify

11 Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify

Considering Shopify SMS text marketing apps to get sales?

Here's something interesting:

Matti Makkonen, an engineer who invented SMS, never patented the technology. He didn’t make any money and that’s a shame: the global text marketing business is worth $100 billion—more than technologies like blockchain ($3 billion).

Makkonen didn’t make any money – but you can. Text message marketing apps (also called SMS marketing apps) are a reliable way to reach customers and sell, and you're about to get the list of the top-rated ones for Shopify stores.

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What is SMS Message Marketing?

SMS message marketing is sending SMS messages to deliver promotional campaigns to customers for marketing purposes. Also called text message marketing), SMS marketing allows customers to opt in to receiving text messages like sales, promotions, and order updates.

Ecommerce SMS marketing stats:

  • SMS open rate is 98%, compared to 20% for email (Gartner)
  • Smartphone owners are 50% more likely to make a purchase right away while using their device (Think With Google)
  • Customers redeem texted coupons 10 times more often than traditional coupons (Adobe).

Feeling more confident to try apps for text marketing? Let's review the top-rated SMS text marketing software for Shopify businesses.

Best Shopify SMS Marketing Apps

  1. Firepush – Best SMS Shopify app for mid-sized and large stores
  2. SMSBump – Automations to collect SMS subscribers
  3. Privy – Automate customer onboarding and sale recovery
  4. Postscript SMS Marketing – For easy customer segmentation
  5. Tone SMS Cart Recovery – Human operators to text your customers
  6. SMS marketing + Cart Recovery (Shipway) – Send text messages to 220 countries
  7. Messent – Text message marketing for small business
  8. Octane AI – Effective to drive sales from Facebook.
  9. Omnisend – Email marketing + SMS
  10. SMS & Messenger Marketing Tobi – Chat with customers via chatbots
  11. Klaviyo – Simple mass text message marketing to U.S.-based customers

1. Firepush

An easy-to-use Shopify SMS app with customer segmentation and automatic text message campaigns to share promotions and recover abandoned shopping carts.

Firepush SMS marketing page

What you will like:

  • Send your customers SMS with sales notifications, discounts, and coupons
  • 11 SMS marketing campaign types for different strategies
  • SMS templates for easier campaign creation
  • Bulk text message campaigns to thousands of susbcribers
  • Manage three marketing channels (SMS, push notifications an email) in one single dashboard.

With Firepush, you can send SMS for any kind of customer interaction (welcome messages, order confirmations, delivery updates, price drop, loyalty discounts, etc.). This way, you’ll create a more personal customer experience with your brand.

You can also check Firepush reports to know how well your Shopify SMS marketing campaigns are selling. Whether it’s cart recovery, discount, or promo campaign, you’ll see where your text message marketing is working. Here's an example of such a report (from a real Firepush user).

Firepush SMS marketing report example

Of all options here, Firepush’s ability to increase sales makes it the best SMS marketing app for Shopify stores:

Pricing: Free plan. Premium plans start at $15/month.

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2. SMSBump

Create SMS and MMS campaigns and monitor analytics like order tracking, link clicks, and conversion rate.

SMSBump homepage

What you will like:

  • Automated SMS and MMS campaigns
  • SMS segmentation for effective customer targeting
  • A/B testing of text message campaigns.

SMSBump is an all-in-one SMS app for Shopify stores. You can create TCPA-compliant text message campaigns, schedule them for later, and track performance with analytics. Multiple campaign types are available, including customer activation and Shopify cart recovery.

Analytics is simple in this Shopify text message marketing app. Users can track many SMS campaign stats like orders made, SMS by country, clicks, and amount spent. To collect subscribers, SMSBump uses pop-ups, floating buttons, and embedded forms.

Pricing: Free. Premium plans begin at $19/month.

Compare SMSBump features to Firepush to see which text marketing app can work best for your business: Firepush vs SMSBump Comparison.

3. Privy

Automated text messages to welcome new Shopify customers and recover abandoned sales.

Privy home page

What you will like:

  • Two SMS types: after sign-in and cart recovery
  • Shopify coupon integration
  • Pop-ups and banners to collect SMS subscribers.

Privy’s SMS text message marketing feature is recent and limited to welcome messages and abandoned shopping cart reminders. The company is focused on developing Shopify pop-up and email tools, so business SMS functionality is rather a bonus.

Privy’s limited SMS solutions make it an option for small Shopify online stores. For example, you can send after sign-up messages to confirm delivery details. Also, abandoned cart SMS will be useful to remind customers about products they left.

Pricing: $10 per 100 SMS contacts.

4. Postscript SMS Marketing

A complete text message Shopify app for full SMS marketing automation.

Postscript SMS Marketing homepage

What you will like:

  • Automated text message marketing campaigns
  • ROI tracking and analytics for SMS text marketing
  • Customer segmentation for personalized marketing.

With Postscript SMS Marketing, you can build a TCPA-compliant list of subscribers and send automated ecommerce SMS marketing campaigns. Various pop-ups, email opt-ins, and landing pages are available to help collect as many subscribers as possible.

Postscript SMS marketing allows sending welcome messages, order shipping notifications, abandoned cart reminders, and loyalty offers. Each campaign has segmentation and automation resources for a more efficient workflow.

Pricing: from $25/month. A 30-day free trial available.

5. Tone SMS Cart Recovery

Relationship-based ecommerce SMS marketing with real people who text your customers.

Tone SMS homepage

What you will like:

  • Shopify abandoned cart recovery with texts from real operators.
  • LiveText feature: customers can text your business and get a response while browsing your store.
  • Automated customer segmentation and targeting.

Want real people to send business SMS to your customers? Tone is a mobile text message marketing app for that. Tone users get a team of people to text customers who abandoned shopping carts to find out the reason. The team answers questions and educates customers.

Another interesting feature is LiveText. Customers can text Tone’s team while they’re browsing your Shopify store and get their questions answered. Tone claims it’s a tactic to build customer relationships in a personal way.

Pricing: Free to install, $.023 per message.

6. SMS Marketing + Cart Recovery (by Shipway)

An intro-level Shopify SMS marketing app for small businesses.

SMS Marketing by Shipway, Shopify app store page

What you will like:

  • SMS for account creation, order creation, in-transit, and abandoned shopping cart
  • Works in 220 countries
  • Shortened URLs for tracking numbers.

If you’re looking to do SMS text message marketing as a small business, check out Shipway. This Shopify text message app gives a limited but decent SMS range, including order-related and promotional messages.

Order-related text message marketing include order placed, order fulfilled, order paid, order canceled, and in-transit messages. The promotional ones are customizable, so you can send Shopify discounts and other text message marketing campaigns.

Pricing: Plans start from $30/month.

7. Messent

An SMS marketing app for small Shopify stores, good for basic text message campaigns like promotions.

Messent Developer’s Website

What you will like:

  • A simple Shopify SMS campaign scheduler tool
  • Automatic shopping cart recovery campaigns
  • Basic text message marketing stats to track ROI

If you’re looking for a SMS text marketing software for beginners, Messent is a good option. The Shopify SMS app has simple interface and campaign management options such as a visual editor for charting out message flows. Messent also has basic campaign analytics to help track sales. You’ll be able to track campaign cost, conversion rate, and performance by the time of the day.

Pricing: Free to install. The cost per SMS varies on the merchant country.

8. Octane AI

A Shopify SMS app to manage Facebook Messenger and text message campaigns in one place.

Octane AI, homepage

What you will like:

  • Shopping quizzes for customers to find which products they need
  • SMS and Facebook messaging to recover abandoned carts
  • Facebook ads are based on customer insights.

Octane AI is an all-in-one Shopify app for email, Facebook, and SMS marketing. You can capture leads with Facebook ads, Messenger opt-ins, and pop-up windows. The app also gives a small selection of TCPA-compliant lead capture options with an easy subscription.

Quizzes are a unique feature in this Shopify SMS app. You can create one for your Shopify store (no coding needed), record customer preferences and lead visitors to products based on their answers. But there are only three quizzes, even in the most expensive plan.

Pricing: from $29/month ($0.015 per msg, limited to 250 customers).

9. Omnisend

Create automatic text message and email campaigns with a visual editor.

Omnisend SMS homepage

What you will like:

  • Pre-built business SMS and MMS messaging campaigns for abandoned cart recovery and promotions
  • Customer segmentation based on their behavior and purchases.

Omnisend is a digital marketing tool known for email campaign automation. Text message marketing is a relatively new addition. Notable features are customer segmentation and a drag & drop campaign automation editor for emails and messaging.

The free version of Omnisend doesn’t include a Shopify SMS marketing app. To get unlimited text message marketing, you’ll need to get the paid Standard plan. But there’s a 14-day free trial for testing.

Pricing: plans start at $16/month ($0.015 per SMS and $0.045 per MMS for U.S. users).

10. Tobi: SMS & Messenger Marketing

A text message marketing app that combines SMS & Facebook Messenger to reach more customers.

Tobi SMS marketing homepage

What you will like:

  • Order updates and promotional SMS & Facebook messaging
  • Shopping cart recovery via Messenger and SMS
  • Custom Facebook Messenger menu.

With Tobi, you can do Shopify SMS marketing for restaurants and small online stores. Since many customers choose to contact businesses via social media, Tobi can help connect with them there. Text message marketing service in Tobi is designed to send bulk SMS discounts and order updates. There are also pre-written SMS templates to save you time.

Pricing: Plans start at $18.85 (price per text message for US customers: $0.0199).

11. Klaviyo

An email marketing service with business Shopify SMS app functionality for U.S. numbers.

Klaviyo homepage

What you will like:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Automatic consent management
  • Customer segmentation to personalize marketing offers.

Klaviyo is marketing software for small Shopify stores. Emails are the core feature, but you can also send SMS campaigns to customers who prefer them. This SMS text message marketing software manages compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act automatically.

The texting feature is limited: there’s no campaign templates, advanced analytics, or testing. Still, if you’re looking to do basic Shopify SMS marketing for small business and send occasional messages, Klaviyo is a good option.

Pricing: Free to install. Price for one SMS: $0.1, MMS: $.03

Shopify Text Marketing Apps: Summary

Text message marketing allows businesses to send promotional and transactional SMS messages to customers and subscribers. Your Shopify store can sell more by letting their customers know about sales and order delivery updates via text message marketing apps.

Once again, here are the best Shopify SMS text marketing apps:

  • Firepush
  • SMSBump
  • Privy
  • Postscript SMS Marketing
  • Tone SMS Cart Recovery
  • SMS marketing + Cart Recovery (Shipway)
  • Messent
  • Octane AI
  • Omnisend
  • SMS & Messenger Marketing Tobi
  • Klaviyo

Make it easier for yourself to do Shopify marketing with text messages. You will automate getting text message subscribers and sending campaigns–two major time-eating tasks. If you need a recommendation—try Firepush. This app has a healthy 4.8 rating, you'll get a free credit, and a one-on-one consultation to create an SMS marketing strategy.

Firepush offers dedicated support and FREE consultations to find right strategy for you

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Besides digital marketing, Oleksii is interested in technologies that help fight climate change. Recently, he completed a course in carbon capture and storage technology from the University of Edinburgh. 

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