How Firepush helped Inkedshop deliver over double the sales they get from Facebook or Google Ads

How Firepush helped Inkedshop deliver over double the sales they get from...

“The way we judge if a marketing channel is worth using is if it delivers 4 times in sales what we spend. With Firepush it’s much higher - we are at 10 times spend.”

Jami Pearlman, CFO at Inkedshop.

Total number of push subscribers: 56,884

Total number of orders through push notifications: 6,402

Total revenue from orders through push notifications: $329,422

Most used push notification type: Power Push

Average revenue from $100 spend: $1,000

How InkedShop was born

Inked is a tattoo lifestyle digital media company that started life as a print magazine in 2004. Since making the transition to a digital company, it now sits alongside the likes of Esquire and Cosmopolitan in the ranks of major lifestyle brands. It has a huge online audience, with around 30 million Facebook fans across its two main Facebook pages, and its YouTube video views regularly run into the hundreds of thousands.

Inkedshop magazine coverA recent front cover of Inked Magazine

The company has a very interesting story, and a business case that shows that if you strategize well and make use of the right tools, you can stay on top, even in the most competitive of markets.

Its digital story stretches back to 2009, when the company noticed that, like everyone else in the print media game, its numbers were dwindling. To compensate for this dip in revenue, and keep their core product afloat, they decided to open a new revenue stream - an ecommerce shop. And this is how Inkedshop was born.

While the magazine dealt with the culture angle, retaining its position as the “the outsider’s media,” Inkedshop was dedicated to selling accessories that supported the lifestyle. And it was a success. Actually, it was doing great.

Inkedshop shopify halloween costumes collectionInkedshop’s Halloween costumes collection is sure to be a hit this Fall

The key to continued success - adapting to change

Around 2015/16, however, the tide began to turn. Facebook introduced a number of changes and began advertising. On top of that, Amazon started to alter its platform too. Together, these changes created less than ideal conditions for Inkedshop, and they noticed that their sales had begun to suffer.

That’s when they decided to move their store to Shopify Plus.

Inkedshop shopify main top imageInkedshop has developed a distinctive and popular brand, but changes in online advertising and ecommerce were hurting sales

How Firepush push notifications helped Inkedshop increase their sales

Once Inkedshop had set up home on Shopify Plus, its next task was to find the right apps that would help it maximise and grow its already strong sales base.

This is where Firepush comes in. Let’s let Jami from the Inkedshop marketing team tell the story herself: “I came across another website and I got a push notification on my desktop. It was one of my kid’s friends, who has a little website, and I ended up getting their push notifications. I was impressed, so I contacted Tom at Firepush and we set it up and it’s been doing great ever since.”

Firepush and Inkedshop: Great returns and great results

Jami was quick to see the potential of push notifications and has been using them effectively ever since. And as she explains, the results have been impressive.

“Our thing is if it’s at least four times spend in return then we are happy about that. And with Firepush it’s much higher. Our monthly spend is about $1,000 a month, and we’re at over $10,000 in sales in the last thirty days. So it’s like 10 times spend, which is big. With Google Ads and Facebook Ads we usually only get 3x to 4x spend. So with Firepush it’s a much higher average return.”

Jami Pearlman, CFO at Inkedshop.

Results like that are pretty conclusive proof that push notifications can deliver significant sales increases.

That’s a 10x ROI and a double or triple the ROI Inkedshop achieves with Google or Facebook Ads.

How Inkedshop uses Firepush to get these great results

So, what is Inkedshop’s strategy when it comes to Firepush Push Notifications?

Their most important push is the Power Push, a browser push notification with a GIF or image. They send one out every morning detailing their deal of the day to their subscribers. Here’s how their Power Pushes look.

Every morning, subscribers receive a browser push notification, either on their desktop computer or mobile:

Inkedshop push lead at mobile screen

The push leads directly to the product page, where the discount has already been applied.

Inkedshop product page from mobile browser

And here are the overall results of their deal of the day Power Push campaigns so far.

Inkedshop firepush application power push results

As you can see, this kind of push has been a real revenue driver for Inkedshop.

Why is this? The key here is consistency. Inkedshop has a loyal base of subscribers who are used to receiving a deal of the day every day. Push notifications can be perceived as intrusive, but if they are timed to be regular, they become the opposite; they feel like part of the relationship between subscriber and store. The other cool thing about Power Pushes is that they can be easily personalised. You can add your logo, making them feel even more on brand and tailored to your subscribers.

Using Power Pushes as a way of dropping enticing daily offers to loyal subscribers delivers awesome ROI for Inkedshop. It could do the same for you.

For the best results, mix it up it a little

But Power Pushes are not the only messages that Inkedshop uses Firepush for. Far from it.

“We have some retargeting set up, abandoned cart is set up, win back customers, we do product delivery updates, we do welcome message for new subscribers, back in stock, discount codes for new subscribers, and that’s what we have active. For SMS, we have win back and abandoned carts,” says Jami.

So one of the keys to success is to mix it up and combine a number of different channels and message types to really optimize your results.

For example, Inkedshop use Bulk SMS Messages to good effect. Whilst sent in much lower volume than their Power Pushes, as we can see from the results below, the ROI is similar. A spend of $90.13 for a recent store-wide sale delivered $1,007 in revenue.

Inkedshop firepush sms messages results

For Jami, Abandoned Cart SMS’s are also a very important tool in their arsenal - “the highest revenue generator for text message is definitely abandoned cart.” This should come as no surprise. Cart abandonment rates sit at 75.6% globally, and on mobile rates are even higher. So SMS’s focused on recovering potential sales are an effective way to boost revenue, and one Inkedshop are taking full advantage of.

Inkedshop SMS campaign SMS abandonet checkout and win back customers revenue statistics

Inkedshop’s results highlight the importance of an omnichannel approach - integrating a mix of both pushes and SMS messages will broaden your reach, as will mixing up the message types you use.

Make sure you test, test, test.

Mixing it up is important, but just as essential is testing.

Getting your mix right takes time, and Inkedshop has been perfecting its use of Firepush services since 2017. You need to make sure you split test your pushes as you use them. For example, for Inkedshop they drop their deal of the day push in the morning every day, but for other stores it might be better to drop them in the evening, or only once a week. You need to check your purchasing patterns - when and in what frequency your customers buy from your store - and adjust your output to fit that pattern.

Inkedshop clothes on female modelInkedshop has a specific audience, so testing regularly to make sure content resonates is important

And for the app to really deliver, you need expert support

At the end of the day, the level of support you receive is a decisive factor when it comes to how effective an app will be for your business. You want your app provider to be easy to reach and willing to go that extra mile.

On this front, Jami is strong in her praise of her relationship with Firepush: “We are very happy with Firepush right now. Tom (the CEO of FirePush) has been very helpful. We email through Facebook, we do Facebook messaging, so it’s easy to deal with him. He’s actually helped me with some Facebook ads in the past too.”


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