Some fantastic new pushes have just been added!

April 05, 2018

Some fantastic new pushes have just been added!

We are proud to announce that we are about to release a number of new pushes that will make your Firepush experience even better, and help you boost your shop sales.

So let’s look at these new goodies in a little more detail:

Promotion Pushes.
First up we’ve added Promotion Pushes. This will allow you to send a mass mail out of pushes to all your subscribers, giving you the opportunity to get info on that important product or discount to your whole network with one simple Push. What’s more we’ve added a live report feature that will give you instant conversion rates, meaning you will have the ability to track in real time what works. Current click rate variates from about 12 - 16%

Admin pushes:
We have added three new Admin pushes that will help make your job so much easier and help you make the most of Firepush.

- New Order Notification: From now on all subscribers will receive a new order push automatically every time they make a sale. This will help you process orders more quickly and keep you instantly updated.

- Order Reminder Pushes: These pushes will act a handy reminder to keep you on top of your orders. Sent once a day, they will remind you of any outstanding orders that still need processing.

- Firepush pushes: With these new pushes we’ll keep you updated on our newest versions and products, as well as informed about special offers and other cool stuff we’re sure you’ll be interested in.

So, as you can see, these new Pushes will really add to your FirePush experience. If you Would like to find out more or have any questions, you can visit us at: